Laragon, the best XAMPP alternative to use!

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Laragon is a program that provides the WAMP environment (which stands for Windows, Apache, MySQL and PHP) is most worth using and can completely replace XAMPP which has many current bugs. With Laragon, you can easily, quickly and conveniently set up the WAMP environment and manage them.

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WAMP, LAMP and MAMP at a glance

Before we start talking about Laragon or XAMPP or some similar, we will have a look at WAMP , LAMP and MAMP . AMP stands for A pache, M ySQL and P HP. For a web developer, this toolkit is really essential for web development.

W , L and M represent three main operating systems, Windows, Linux and Mac. Depending on the operating system, different programming tools will be installed. For example, if you use Linux, you must install LAMP if you want to build a server on your computer.

With the 3 tools above, you probably won’t need to sign up for a web server just to develop expensive code, or in other words, the above 3 tools will save you unnecessary hosting costs. development.

So why is WAMP , LAMP or MAMP important? Because when programming a website or web application, you have to test the website or web app to detect and fix errors before uploading data to the hosting, without these tools, you will have to edit the data. on the computer and then upload to hosting or edit directly on the hosting. This is not at all pleasant.

Firstly, this will likely lag work in progress

Second, this can also cause some frustration at times. If you are someone who regularly modifies code right on the server, it will create some unnecessary errors, even enabling hackers to attack the website with vulnerabilities that you accidentally created.


I have written a tutorial on installing XAMPP before, you can read it again here: How to download and install XAMPP for free 2020

In this article, I will not repeat about XAMPP much because it is mainly a WAMP set, but I will compare between XAMPP and Laragon.

Laragon – WAMP stack is the most worth using

1 / What is Laragon?

As a program that provides a very powerful and completely free WAMP environment, with this software, you can create a web server on your personal computer without having to sign up for a web server.

This is a toolkit created by a talented Vietnamese programmer, Mr. Khoa Le, you can find more information of him here: Linkedin | Twitter

In addition to supporting PHP and MySQL, Laragon also supports other web programming languages ​​such as Node.js, Python, Java, Go, Ruby and other database management systems like PostgreSQL, MongoDB.

This software suite is extremely popular in the Laravel community, downloaded more than 1 million times and loved by thousands of programmers around the world.

In my opinion, this software suite deserves to replace XAMPP because it integrates a multitude of quality functions.

2 / Functions of Laragon

Some of the functions of this software suite are:

  • Optimized support for web programming
  • Support for fast installation of WordPress, Drupal, Laravel Framework, …
  • Supports database manipulation tools
  • Terminal support
  • Supports multiple PHP versions
  • SSL installation support is completely quick and easy, not cumbersome like XAMPP
  • Own domain name support.
  • Integrate sending mail from localhost through the built-in SMTP protocol
  • Supports Git, Memcached, Redis, …

3 / Laragon with XAMPP (completely worthy of replacing XAMPP)

Below is a feature comparison between Laragon and XAMPP that I have compiled, it will show you the difference between these two software suites, and clearly we can see that Laragon is completely superior to it. XAMPP.

4 / Instructions to install Laragon

The installation of Laragon is extremely easy and fast, but before the installation, you need to download the installer from the following link: Download Laragon

You go down to the Edition section, below they provide 3 originals:

  • Version 1 : The installer includes a full set of software such as Apache 2.4, Nginx, MySQL 5.7, PHP 7.2, Redis, Memcached, Node.js 11, npm, yarn, git, …
  • Version 2 : Node.js 11, npm, yarn, git, … but you can install them later in Tools> Quick add
  • Version 3 : portable version, only includes PHP 5.4 and MySQL 5.1, suitable for those who are new to PHP and MySQL, you can still add new PHP and MySQL versions later.

So, depending on your needs, you choose 1 out of 3 software installations. I will choose the first version because it is the most fully functional version.

After you download the installer, double-click it to install the software, after opening the installer, click Next to continue.

Next, you choose the software installation location. In my opinion , you should choose a different installation location than C: drive, because in case if you reinstall Windows and forget the data stored here, then … I do not dare mention it, it hurts! Because I’ve been through this before: v. Done then click Next

Next, you will see 3 options as below:

  • Option 1: run the software with Windows (optional)
  • Option 2: support URL beautification (meaning you can access the website on your personal server through your own domain name, instead of accessing localhost – should be enabled)
  • Option 3: support integrated Text editor (Notepad ++) and Command Prompt (should be enabled)

You area according to needs and then click Next. Then the system will ask you to confirm, then click Confirm, Install to start the installation. After installation is complete, click Finish to complete.

5 / Some pictures of Laragon

Main interface

Menu bar & system bar

General settings

Services & Ports

Mail Catcher

Mail Sender


Just press Ctrl + Alt + T will automatically open a new Terminal window, you can use Ctrl + grave accent (left number 1 with exclamation point) to quickly show / hide Terminal.

6 / Instructions for using Laragon

To be able to use this software, you simply need to insert the source code, do not lead laragon www, then click Start all to launch the relevant software.

To be able to access the website, you visit the link http: // localhost

I will have a full series to guide you through the use of this software later, be sure to watch it!


Through this article, I have introduced to you the extremely powerful, easy-to-use WAMP toolset in the most detailed way. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below for everyone to answer!

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