How does the test get the best results in a limited time?

What if there is not enough time to perform testing thoroughly?

In fact, when implementing develop or maintain any large / small project, the tester often faces the problem of "How does the test get the best results in a limited time?"

Implementing testing the entire application or system for a specified period of time (relatively limited) is impossible. Therefore, with this situation, we will have different application methods to achieve the best testing efficiency.

I. Based on experience:

The best thing is finding the factors that are considered to be the risk of the project and focusing on them. Here are some points to consider:

  • Looking to see what are the important functions of the project?
  • Find out where the module contains many risk in the project?
  • What functions do users use?
  • Which functions have high safety?
  • Which functions have a great impact on users?
  • Which aspects of the app are most important to customers? – Which parts have the most complex code and the easiest to make mistakes?
  • Which parts of the app are developed urgently?
  • What does Dev appreciate for high risk parts in the app?
  • What kind of problems if found to be very bad?
  • What kind of problems can be complained from customers?
  • What types of testing can test multiple functions at the same time?

Based on these points will help you evaluate and answer the parts that need to be tested. Thus will significantly reduce risk when releasing the project in a limited time.

II. Applying test coverage:

1. Definition of test coverage:

  • Coverage means "What does testing need to be done? and How much testing is done? "
  • Test coverage will help control testing quality, and assist tester to write and cover missing or invalid parts.

2. How to apply the coverage test method?

  • Firstly, the QA team needs to know which tasks, tasks and tasks are to be understood. That way, the QA team can evaluate how testing needs to be done.
  • Second, resource review and work division to implement and manage testing process effectively

Refer to the table below:


3. How to make sure every part has been tested and tested in the best possible way?

  • Each tester should evaluate the requirements and have corresponding testing methods
  • Prioritize the requirements and focus on the most needed part
  • Understand the change between releases so you can more accurately identify important requirements and focus on that part.
  • Applying test automation
  • Use test manager tool to understand the current status
  • Smartly split tasks: divide important tasks for the best members and divide new tasks less important for new members
  • Maintain the checklist for all tasks and activities
  • Interact more with teams to get more insight and appreciation for app activities
  • Keep track of all builds and fixes
  • Determine the impact area after each build (when possible), so that the following people will avoid the same error

Not every test is done, there will be test results as possible.

In fact, the more you test without any strategy, you'll have to invest in it a lot of time. And this is completely contrary to the reality of software development.

Therefore, each tester needs to equip himself with test strategies and test approaches to ensure and improve testing quality.

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