How to become a game programmer or learn something first

What is the first goal to learn for yourself?

1. Learn to go to work for a company, co-op opens a start-up company about games, or is the 1st team in the world. Different goals you will have to learn differently. Many people who go to school do not know where it leads, the end is nothing.
2. Learn English, because simple Vietnamese documents are not available and they are old, the least is reading comprehension, knowing google and what you want to search is. Google First, GG before asking.
3. Choose a language to learn.

This is all right, but if you ask in the game programming group, I will say C ++, C #, Java. C # with more C ++ (personal opinion) because there are brothers who can support and use it for later game engine. Learn a language, don't take part. Remember what is the same, different from the shell.
4. This is definitely very necessary, algorithms and algorithms.

If I don't study, I will work hard to search the website and then answer without brainstorming. Don't clap your dumb chest and say I don't know the algorithm and algorithm. You can know that from the algorithm it is possible to create texture patterns =) ).
5. This is probably the most important part, if you make a game, you have to know about game design (game design, not graphics), don't think you don't learn but make the game look at comrades unless you have household design. Go online to find books about game design, free time to open and see how they design. Saying this is a little confusing, you guys always define it as why you should put the box in this place without booking it =) ), or the blood of this boss is not that …
6. Don't read about the design pattern in a hurry if you're not sure about the above sections.
7. Switches => type stackoverflow after the question, go to a foreign forum with the same topic, go to google tra … rest assured that you have just learned so there will be many answers before and not worry. Ask no money, what are you afraid of, google charge you =) )).
8 is a good way to find a book that wants to learn + dummy above gg and then download it to read and get used to it first =) ), no then search beginer … : v
9. Should I study the course? It depends on you. But remember that the course is a few short sessions, a few dozen hours that proficient programming, fluent in language, proficient in making that game will leave you well. Please tell me where you are, you are proficient, but so fast, Vietnam must be a leader in information technology and then look out for you. Missing, you can add to me to update.

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