Korean carriers want to sell Galaxy Fold for a cheaper price, but Samsung disagrees

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As usual in the Android world, before the manufacturers announce a new flagship model, carriers will start launching attractive deals for the previous generation flagships. Part of the reason for this is that companies want to “clean up” quickly before new models appear and attract consumers’ attention.

It seems that is exactly what the three major carriers in South Korea are planning to do with the Galaxy Fold, but ironically, Samsung doesn’t want that. According to the information, these carriers are aiming to reduce the price of this folding device to 399,300 Won, equivalent to about 337 USD or 306 Euro based on the current conversion rate.

Các nhà mạng Hàn Quốc muốn bán Galaxy Fold với giá rẻ hơn, nhưng Samsung không đồng ý - Ảnh 1.

The reason for this discount must have some connection with the upcoming Galaxy Z Flip – Samsung’s second folding smartphone, which is expected to officially be announced on February 11. However, the device manufacturer feels that this move is not very reasonable considering that Galaxy Fold is the first folding smartphone on the market, equipped with a “super” configuration, and is really a device. iconic device from Samsung.

In addition, Samsung also wants to remind everyone that the Galaxy Z Flip is not a successor to the Galaxy Fold, because Z Flip’s form factor is completely different from Fold. The only common point between the two devices is the foldable screen. The Galaxy Fold 2 is expected to launch in the second quarter of 2020.

It can be seen that Samsung has a good reason to reject the carrier’s offer. And most likely the company does not want to offend customers who bought Fold at the original price. After all, the Galaxy Fold is not cheap no matter how much you have – and those first customers (about 400,000-500,000 people) are probably not the group of customers any company wants. ” Betrayal “by reducing the price of the product.

The carriers insist that the price reduction is their right, but obviously they still have to negotiate a bit with Samsung, and the process does not seem as fast, convenient as they expect.

Reference: GSMArena

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