Korea became the third country to successfully treat nCoV-infected patients with HIV medication

Tram Ho

The first patient to receive HIV medication was a Chinese woman and the fourth patient with nCoV, Korean, was the second case to use the procedure. Symptoms of pneumonia of the two patients were significantly improved.

Previously, Chinese and Thai doctors also reported that after using HIV medications for patients infected with the new strain of coronavirus, the symptoms of pneumonia have improved markedly.

Hàn Quốc trở thành nước thứ ba điều trị thành công bệnh nhân nhiễm nCoV bằng thuốc điều trị HIV - Ảnh 1.

Medical workers in protective clothing work at the Korean National Medical Center in Seoul, where patients are diagnosed with the new strain of corona virus, February 4, 2020. Photo: Yonhap / TTXVN

The HIV drug is called “Kaletra”, which is a specialized medicine for AIDS patients. This drug prevents the virus from developing by inhibiting the enzyme that breaks down proteins that are needed for the virus to multiply.

It is still early to conclude that this drug can also treat nCoV, but most experts have recognized its effectiveness. Chinese health authorities are asking manufacturers Kaletra drug supply.

In Korea, there are currently 400 AIDS patients taking this drug. Due to small demand, the amount of drug stored in the country is not much.

The Korean Association of Infectious Diseases is conducting an analysis of the required amount of drugs. In the absence of treatment for patients with nCoV-related acute respiratory infections, the medical community desperately needs an effective drug, more or less. Therefore, the use of HIV medications is becoming increasingly popular. At the conclusion of the analysis, the Korean Association of Infectious Diseases is expected to recommend that the health authority import the amount of medicine needed for domestic use.


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