Khoa Pug insists not to “give up chickens” for Johnny Dang’s virtual currency project

Tram Ho

At the end of April, famous travel YouTuber Khoa Pug suddenly announced to the US to study abroad. During this time, Khoa Pug appeared many times with Vietnamese-born jeweler Johnny Dang in videos exploring America.

After a while, in recent weeks, Khoa Pug and Johnny Dang began to share funny stories about becoming a millionaire by playing virtual money. In the videos, Khoa Pug ‘shows off’ that he owns 10 million VND of DBZ with a value of billions of VND.

DBZ stands for Diamond Boyz Coin, a virtual currency created by Vietnamese-born millionaire Johnny Dang. After the videos of Khoa Pug were posted, the value of the DBZ coin at one point reached a new peak of $0.14 on September 29, before steadily declining and sometimes bottoming at $0.06 on September 5. /ten.

Khoa Pug khẳng định không lùa gà cho dự án tiền ảo của Johnny Đặng - Ảnh 1.

Khoa Pug and owner Vuong Farm explained not to call people to invest in virtual currency. (photo cut from clip)

This caused Khoa Pug to fall into the heart of a storm of criticism as a ‘chicken’ for a floating virtual currency project, a garbage coin. Therefore, in the latest video posted on October 7, Khoa Pug had to explain about this.

During a jet trip to visit farm owner Vuong Farm, Khoa Pug took the opportunity to explain that he only supported Johnny Dang and to maintain the relationship, it would be okay to lose 10 billion dong.

Khoa Pug also repeatedly emphasized that he does not support, call or entice people to invest in virtual currencies in general and DBZ in particular. “My money is my own, my profit and loss are borne,” Khoa Pug affirmed.

Currently, the DBZ coin is valued at $0.08 amid a recovering virtual currency market with Bitcoin holding a value of $54,000 and a total market capitalization of $2.3 trillion.

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Source : Genk