Kali Linux 2020.2 has been officially released

Tram Ho

Offensive Security has officially released Kali Linux 2020.2. The latest version of Kali Linux is now available for download and as usual, there will be a lot of noticeable improvements coming, including new light and dark background themes for KDE Plasma, login screen interface. “More polished”, PowerShell news, and a series of other tweaks focused on improving the design and overall layout of the system.

Dark theme on Kali Linux new versionDark theme on Kali Linux new version

Regarding the PowerShell news, the description provided by the Kali Linux team is as follows:

“Currently, we have included PowerShell in one of the platform’s (main) metapackages – potassium-linux-Large. This means that if you choose to install these metapackages during system setup or when Kali works (sudo apt install -y potassium-linux-Large), and PowerShell is compatible with your architecture, you can access it. directly on it. “

In addition, Kali Linux 2020.2 also comes with ARM-related enhancements, including a minimum of 16GB of storage for installation on an SD card.

Like every other new release, this updated version of Kali Linux not only comes with new packages, including Gnome 3.36 and Python 3.8, but also continues to support Python.

“We have brought back python2-pip as a temporary measure to meet the requirements from some tools on the platform. Python 2 has now entered End of Life (discontinued support) and is no longer receiving new updates. For developers of tools, please move to Python 3. For users of tools, if you find that the tool you are worth using has not transferred to Python 3, please report it to us ”.

– Kali dev team

Finally, there will definitely be new icons appearing in this release. and you’ll notice the changes in the Kali Linux menu as well as on the tool page on GitLab.

You can download the new Kali Linux ISO directly from the official potassium.org/downloads/ website or from the Torrent network. And if you’re already using Kali Linux, just upgrade it to the latest and greatest release by running the following commands:

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Source : Techtalk