Just released a few days ago, iOS 14 has been successfully cracked

Tram Ho

Recently, the team of programmers behind the checkra1n tool has officially released a new version 0.11.0, supporting jailbreaking iOS 14 on devices running Apple A9 (X) or lower chips (iPhone 6s and below).

Vừa ra mắt được vài ngày, iOS 14 đã bị bẻ khóa thành công - Ảnh 1.

In the announcement, the programmer tool checkra1n said: “On iOS 14, Apple has made SEPOS changes on the A10 chip and above (except from Apple TV and iBridge): If the device is boot from DFU state and Secure Enclave processor is required to decrypt user data, it will render the device unbootable. Due to the checkm8 vulnerability does not give us full control over Secure The Enclave should have no workaround at the moment, however, with the recently announced vulnerability, we were able to find a way to control the Secure Enclave on the A10 / A10X chips and remove the change that Apple added. Devices running on A10 and A10X chips will soon be supported in the next few weeks. “

The new change that Apple integrates on iOS 14 will make devices from iPhone 7/7 Plus or iPad Pro 10.5 inch / iPad 6 / iPad mini 5 and above (running Apple A10 / A10X) unbreakable (temporarily ). Devices supported by checkra1n include:

– iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, SE
iPad 5

iPad Air 2
iPad mini 4
iPad Pro 9.7 inch

Apple TV 4 and 4K

In the next few weeks, devices running A10 chip will be supported, while devices running A11 such as iPhone 8/8 Plus and iPhone X are not officially announced.

Named “checkm8” , this vulnerability is related to the bootrom of the iPhone and iPad. Bootrom is a piece of boot read-only memory that contains the code that is run first every time a user boots an iOS device. This vulnerability is related to the USB connection protocol, allowing anyone who exploits this vulnerability to hijack the bootrom area, thereby jailbreaking and further interfering with the operating system of the iPhone / iPad devices.

Due to the vulnerability related to read-only memory, Apple cannot patch it with an iOS software update.

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Source : Genk