J&T Express courier “shook hands” with TrustSales

Tram Ho

Chuyển phát nhanh J&T Express “bắt tay” cùng TrustSales - Ảnh 1.

Currently, the link with the sales management software is a common trend of freight forwarders. It can be seen that this cooperation is contributing to create a large and convenient service supply chain for Vietnam e-commerce market.

TrustSales is considered one of the smart and popular sales management applications in Vietnam. The software provides online and offline businesses with a tool that integrates many features, from order management, staff management, KPI, to warehouse management and shipping and delivery management right on the a single interface.

Chuyển phát nhanh J&T Express “bắt tay” cùng TrustSales - Ảnh 2.

TrustSales not only creates a platform to help shop owners optimize and reduce management costs, but also creates a standard process for professional and synchronized sales.

One of the notable advantages of this software is the comment and message management feature. TrustSales helps shop owners manage multiple pages at the same time; automatically collect all comments and messages; Tag workflow division, avoid duplication of visitors; Group messages, unread comments to follow easily; Automatically identify and hide comments containing phone numbers to avoid being robbed guests; Allow deleting comments right in the manager; Settings to hide comments according to individual needs.

The software also lets you know each member’s order manipulation history, making it easy for shop owners to manage multiple employees at the same time.

It can be seen that the application of technology software like this is bringing a lot of efficiency for online businessmen to manage their sales channels. Understanding the needs and difficulties of the shop owners, J&T Express has constantly upgraded the service quality, created the best utility platform for customers through the application of technology and associated with Most reputable technology partners at home and abroad. Thereby helping customers save a lot of time, effort in the business process.

Chuyển phát nhanh J&T Express “bắt tay” cùng TrustSales - Ảnh 3.

J&T Express courier is currently associated with most sales management applications in Vietnam.

All perfectly integrated in the same interface. So now shop owners only specialize in selling goods without worrying about shipping, delivery or goods management.

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