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You must all be familiar with the sentence

People have to know our history, if they don’t, then google

That’s right, now google has become the most popular search engine in the world in general as well as Vietnam in particular, and every time you search for a keyword, google will return you countless links. Results (if you notice the pagination at the bottom)

Each of these pages has about 10 results, and I’m sure that everyone will only go to the second page to find what they need, that is, if you want your website to have a lot of hits then must make it appear at the top of the list of Google search results. And what you need is SEO .

So let’s find out what SEO is and what it takes to “do SEO”!


What is SEO?

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) translates as search engine optimization (such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, …). Talking a little about the mechanism of operation of Search Engine for everyone to understand, a Search Engine will include 3 elements:
    • Spider : also known as Crawler or Bot. In addition, this tool is also known as the “bug”. Spider is responsible for crawling web pages.
    • Index : indexing tool. The spider information collected will be encrypted as text and stored in the smallest possible size. When users search for information, Search Engine does not need to spend time visiting each site to find it, just thanks to the indexed information. The indexing process takes place in parallel with the spider’s crawl.
    • Search Engine Results Page (SERP) : Your search results will be extracted, ranked and displayed on the web page. You just need to select the item you want to view.

    => First, the spider will crawl the site. This information is immediately indexed. When a user searches, the search engine extracts the data and gives you results that match the search term.

  • To do SEO , we need to pay attention to many issues, for example:
    • Domain : the domain name must have keywords or be related to the website, and the term of the domain name also affects a part (a domain name will be used long term will be more appreciated than a newly registered domain name)
    • Hosting : hosting needs high speed, safety and stability
    • Optimize the URL : as you see in viblo, as well as other news / sales websites, the url will provide information to let readers know what the website’s content is about (usually it will be title of the article)

    • Title and description on the search results page : when searching on any Search Engine , in addition to the link to the website, there is also a description of the content on the search results, this gives users more information. news to decide whether or not to visit the site. So the title and description must be brief, complete and attractive, to attract traffic to the website.

Learn about JSON-LD for SEO websites

What is JSON-LD?

As defined on wikipedia:

JSON-LD stands for JavaScript Object Notation for Linked Data , is a method of encoding linked data using JSON

Put simply, this is a combination of JSON and LD (Linked Data) :

  • JSON : This is probably quite familiar to you, this is a lightweight data format that is easy to understand for users and also easy to analyze and initialize for computers.
  • Linked Data : simply understand the structured data for your website.

JSON-LD is a new way to present website data to Search Engine , and it also relies on a set of common rules (to uniformly structure data for web pages) created by collaboration. Big companies like Google, Yahoo and Bing are Schema.org .

How to declare and use JSON-LD?

In a website, JSON-LD is usually declared in the <head> tag, but if placed in the <body> tag, Search Engine can still receive it.

The identity of JSON-LD is placed in an example script as follows:


  • type="application/ld+json : tells the browser that this is json-ld, and as mentioned above, this script is usually placed in the <head> tag
  • @context : declares the set of rules used to write this json-ld (in this example, https://schema.org )
  • @type : categorize website content, as in the above example, Organization, in addition to some other types such as Person / Product / Place / … (the specific list you can see here )
  • Followed by the "attribute":"value" pairs to annotate more information for the site:
    • attribute : the attributes placed in the "" corresponding to the @type you have declared above, be sure to find out what sort of attributes your site has.
    • value : this value is also placed in "" , in addition, if an attribute has many values, you can use [] to declare.


Through this article, hope you can have gained knowledge of SEO in general and JSON-LD in particular. And remember that JSON-LD is just a part of SEO website. To SEO a website, find out more for yourself, wish you success!


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Source : Viblo