JS Legend – Chapter 1: History of Gypsy


Javascript is a powerful language, used in many places from the front end to the back end. Phàm is a programmer, everyone with a web developer name must know a little bit of JavaScript.

For that reason, today, he will use the sword -and-fiction style to tell old stories about JavaScript history and a general assessment of the current JavaScript situation. Because there is a fictional part, the friends have finished reading, please check the information.

This martial arts piece consists of 3 chapters, or may be longer than the author's inspiration:

  • Chapter 1 – Wanderer history
    • First Chapter – The source of martial arts
    • The second episode – Hero came out
    • The third episode – Heavenly tranquility
  • Chapter 2 – Waking up
  • Chapter 3 – The hero of sand

First Chapter – The source of martial arts

Enter the wild pink of the Web, the predecessors used Perl, CGI to make dynamic web. Gradual, some more powerful languages ​​like PHP, Java, C # were born. These languages ​​run on the server, read data from the archive (database) and display it as HTML / CSS .

HTML itself is quite rigid, can only be used to display data. The elders in the Inner Cabinet (Netscape) found it necessary to create a new law to attach to their browser to compete with Microsoft's IE . Great Professor Brendan Eich has taken on this responsibility. He entered a retreat in 10 days, then discovered a new law. He named it the Crumple Rack – JavaScript (JS).

Brendan Eich professor – Founder of JavaScript

Newly created, the function of JS is quite limited: handling DOM, data validation on client-side. The dharma itself has many shortcomings and does not support OOP so JS is considered by the people as "evil subjects". JS cultivators are considered to be corrupt and pagan, despised by mainstream programmers (C #, Java) .

Year of the Dog (2006), with the advent of Ajax, JS can now communicate with server side. As tigers add wings, JS one step up into the sky, being used more and more widely. But for simulated road life is flat, heroic hero has more than anyone! JS also had to go through hundreds of bitter and spicy, through many sinks of corals before floating in the name of heaven.

Want to know how JS fate will be later, see later .

The second episode – Hero came out

After Ajax was born, JS gradually became widely used. Previously, each time you wanted to download data, users had to download the whole page again. With AJAX, JS can connect to the server, get data and display very smoothly. At the beginning of the site of the Web Application (2005-2007), Google Maps and Gmail use JS and Ajax, running as smoothly as the Desktop app, making many programmers happy.

Unfortunately, the blue sky envied him, JS's pro-life path was also bumpy. In 2006-2008, people used IE, Opera, Firefox to browse the web. Each browser has a different way of writing JS , how many black people (programmers) have to scratch their heads. After a while of using JS, the guys feel tired, people are chased into ghosts, so they decide to abandon the evil path to return to the right path, back to C # code, Java, PHP.

Luckily, the sky did not let anyone please. According to the life of thousands of ancient self-disturbing hero. Year of the Dog (2006),   at BarCamp NYC, a young man named Jogn Resig , his eyebrows eyes, like Tong Ngoc, Phan An's face, announced a secret book called Ji Qui Spirit (jQuery).

John Resig rhieu, now working for Khan Academy

How does this secret change the Gypsy? Please see the star will be clear.

The third episode – Heavenly tranquility

John Resig lacks a good match, so true to the teenage hero. Ji The spirit of his magic miraculous; It integrates people, just write code once to run on multiple browsers, and make JS easier to use (handling DOM, ajax, animation, …). Waking up, those who are cultivating JS immediately rush to ponder the magic of jQuery.

Masters also contribute to improving jQuery so that it will become stronger and stronger. Until now, jQuery still accounts for 96.2% of the framework of the frameworks, used by 70% of websites ( source ). Today's entry into Web programming still has to learn and master jQuery.

The birth of Ji Qin Gong makes life for black people much more comfortable. At that time, just mastering Javascript and jQuery could be poisonous; A little more AJAX technique was able to ride the clouds in the wind and go crazy.

A great congregation said: With Ji Qui spirit, we can patch the sky to fill up, lift the hand to make clouds, turn our hands to rain, nothing can not be done

However, I created a rotation, and moved the object. In the Year of the Monkey (2009), a ghost man caused an event that shocked martial arts. To know what this event is, please see the following chapter.

End of chapter 1

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