Java experts that you should monitor

How do you determine if a person is an expert in what they do? It may be a difficult question to answer in some areas but fortunately it is not difficult to know in the IT field. Based on the code, system, or software design work they did.

The Java experts we introduced here are the leaders and recognized in the software industry by making a special contribution to the development of Java. See how they achieve expertise and become masters in this field, maybe one day you will become a successful person like them.

1. James Gosling


James Gosling invented one of the world's most popular programming languages. James outlined the initial design of Java and created its first virtual machine and compiler in the mid-1990s. Many years later, Java was used in 97% of all enterprise desktops and in 3 billion mobile devices. You can learn more about James from his blog , LinkedIn site and from YouTube videos to see his views and journey as a computer scientist.

2. Joshua Bloch


Joshua serves as an architect about the Java language and its libraries at Sun Microsystems for 8 years and is the Java chief architect at Google for another 8 years. If the above information is not enough for him to become a master in the Java world, then acting as the author of the popular book " Effective Java " and the main person in charge of J2SE platform designs, will definitely make you feel admired. Follow him on Twitter , Google+ and LinkedIn.

3. Angelika Langer


As a book author, lecturer, consultant, keynote speaker and she was also included in Java Magazine's list of Java masters, so follow. Among Angelika's remarkable works is Java Generics FAQ . Join the courses and follow her on Twitter and LinkedIn.

4. Geertjan Wielenga


Geertjan is currently the chief product manager for Oracle's Developer Tools development team, and a Java missionary, lecturer and speaker. Having worked for Sun Microsystems and then Oracle for more than a decade. Look at Geertjan's blog , or follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

5. Lars Vogel

But free tutorials, advanced training, updated products, open source projects, and other Java resources have created Lars Vogel's blog and website. Vogella GmbH offers free and paid courses on Java, Android, Eclipse, web development, Google technologies and other topics.

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