Japan makes giant Gundam robots that can walk

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Visitors can visit the giant Gundam who walked from October this year in Japan.

Japan is building a giant humanoid robot modeled after the Gundam animated series. The 9,000-square-foot workshop called Gundam Factory Yokohama will hold a pre-opening event for visitors to see the building in July and August this year.

In it, we will be able to participate in an exhibition of plans, the implementation phase of the project, how engineers have turned the dream into reality. You will also experience the overwhelming, Gundam-like atmosphere when climbing on a special observation platform called “Gundam-Dock Tower”. Tickets will be available from April this year.

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Walking Gundam will be displayed at Gundam Gundam factory. Photo: Futurism.

This robot is a replica of the Gundam RX-78-2, built on the samurai image that appeared in the 1979 Gundam version. It will be 18 meters high and weigh 25 tons.

In addition to its large size and parts with perfect joints, the most impressive feature of this robot is its ability to walk. The entire structure of this robot has been redesigned to distribute weight when walking on two feet.

The project materials have also been changed from the static giant RX-78-2 Gundam, avoiding too much pressure on the mechanical mechanism of the leg.

Nhat ban cover tao Gundam robot can not worry about the image 2 g.jpg
The hand is 2 meters long and weighs almost 200 kg. Photo: Newatlas.

According to Futurism , Gundam is one of the 14 highest-grossing media brands of all time with nearly 50 movies and accompanying products. Mobile Gundam is a collaborative project between researchers and engineers to create a real-life, 18-meter Gundam model.

This project was first announced in 2014 in the Gundam Global Challenge, after many years of trying to achieve success.

The engineering team shared details about it during a recent press conference, and revealed the 1/30 miniature model of this work.

Nhat ban cover tao Gundam robot can not worry about picture 3 54.jpg
Miniature model of the building. Photo: YouTube.

Expected, visitors can visit the giant mobile Gundam completed from October this year. The events at Gundam Factory Yokohama in addition to focusing on mobile Gundam, there are also many shops selling related products, including The Gundam Base, and Gundam Cafe. They will also have galleries where you can enjoy the Gundam world with lots of fun interactive activities.

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Source : Techtalk