Japan distributed nearly 2,000 iPhones to passengers onboard quarantined because of Covid-19

Tram Ho

Nhật Bản phát gần 2.000 iPhone cho hành khách trên tàu bị cách ly vì Covid-19 - Ảnh 1.

Special iPhones are provided by the Japanese government to Diamond Princess passengers and crew. Photo: Twitter

The Japanese government has found a new way of using technology to combat the Covid-19 epidemic. On the coast of Japan, more than 3,500 passengers and crews were quarantined for more than a week on the Princess Cruises, where at least 170 cases of Covid-19 were confirmed.

The cruise was scheduled to end 10 days in advance, but after Japanese medical staff discovered a number of virus infections when the ship arrived, everyone had to stay aboard. Passengers began to update information on Twitter, review food on board and try to inform the local press about drug scarcity.

According to the Macotakara blog, on February 14, Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare and SoftBank distributed nearly 2,000 iPhones to everyone on board, ensuring each passenger cabin and crew had one iPhone. A special feature of these iPhones is that they come pre-installed with the Line app, allowing people to request treatment, arrange psychological counseling and medical consultations with doctors, and receive information from medical staff.

They are extremely necessary because many people may not be able to download the application if their device is registered with the App Store or Google Play Store of a country other than Japan.

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Source : Genk