Jack Ma’s life after the “slander” blew away 37 billion USD: Rumored to go to Japan, not to retire, but to focus on doing these 2 things

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In 2020, billionaire Jack Ma has a “slapping mouth” that goes down in history. Accordingly, the billionaire publicly criticized the Chinese banking system as a “pawn shop” at the 2nd Shanghai Financial Summit.

Billionaire Jack Ma’s statement is said to be extravagant, like throwing himself into the “heart of the storm”, causing the giant Alibaba empire to go through a serious decline.

Not long after the shocking statement, the $37 billion initial public offering (IPO) of Ant Group – the financial technology company of Alibaba, was suddenly suspended close to the day. As for Alibaba, this group must be fined a record $ 2.8 billion for monopoly business in April 2021.

Rumored to settle in Japan

Once an inspirational symbol for young people, Jack Ma gradually lost his position and almost disappeared from the media since this incident. In 2022, Chinese media reported that the founder of Alibaba was living with his family in central Tokyo. Before that, Jack Ma gave up most of his power at Ant Group and gave up many positions before going abroad.

Cuộc sống của Jack Ma sau vụ "vạ miệng" thổi bay 37 tỷ USD: Bị đồn sang Nhật Bản, không nghỉ hưu mà chuyên tâm làm 2 việc này - Ảnh 1.

During his time living in the land of the rising sun, this billionaire spent most of his time relaxing, going to a club for the elite in Ginza district. He is quite private when he always has his own chef and bodyguard and limits his public activities.

This news also sparked many speculations that Jack Ma is intending to settle in Japan. Others say the billionaire has used his time here to expand his business beyond the core e-commerce technologies of Alibaba and Ant Group, and towards the area of ​​sustainable development.

Back to China

According to Sina site, earlier this year billionaire Jack Ma returned to China and he is currently in Hong Kong. The site also said that the Alibaba founder had previously come to Japan to learn advanced Japanese fish farming technology. The question is, “Why would Jack Ma do this?”

In fact, this is a plan that has been calculated by this billionaire before

After leaving Alibaba, Jack Ma did not retire but still did two things: charity and agriculture.

This billionaire has donated tens of billions of dollars to establish the Jack Ma Charity Foundation. This fund has been promoting the development of charitable organizations in China, making great contributions to disaster relief, education, … in the country of billions of people.

Cuộc sống của Jack Ma sau vụ "vạ miệng" thổi bay 37 tỷ USD: Bị đồn sang Nhật Bản, không nghỉ hưu mà chuyên tâm làm 2 việc này - Ảnh 2.

Besides charity, agriculture is an area that Jack Ma is very interested in.

According to Sina, China, although densely populated, is a weak agricultural country. The resources of arable land are much less abundant than in other countries. The country is short of arable land and now a lot of food needs to be imported. This makes China a big problem in terms of food security. In addition, China has millions of farming households, if China’s agriculture is not developed enough, farmers will not be able to get rich.

After leaving Alibaba, billionaire Jack Ma has studied agricultural technology in many countries, including many developed agriculture in the world. This billionaire also often goes to the United States, the Netherlands, Israel with the purpose of learning agricultural technology. This billionaire’s trip to Japan is also for that purpose.

(According to Sina)

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