It’s not clear when Android apps can run on Windows 11

Tram Ho

Microsoft has officially launched Windows 11 and despite a lot of improvements there is still one big feature missing. That’s support for Android apps, which Microsoft initially claimed would be part of Windows 11 but is nowhere to be found at the moment.

Vẫn chưa rõ thời điểm các ứng dụng Android có thể chạy trên Windows 11 - Ảnh 1.

In addition, Microsoft has not provided any specific information on when Windows 11 users will be able to use Android apps, although the feature is expected to reach Windows Insider users later this year. and could be released sometime next year.

Android apps will be available on Windows 11 right in the Microsoft Store through the Amazon Appstore.

Microsoft said in the initial Windows 11 announcement: “We’re bringing Android apps to Windows for the first time. Starting later this year, people will be able to discover Android apps in the Microsoft Store and download them. We’ll have more to share about this experience in the coming months. We look forward to a partnership between Amazon and Intel using their Intel Bridge technology.”

Vẫn chưa rõ thời điểm các ứng dụng Android có thể chạy trên Windows 11 - Ảnh 2.

At this point, the new operating system is available for the first production devices and does not support Android, and if you are hoping to experience the feature soon, no one knows for sure when it will appear. .

Windows 11 comes with many other improvements, including a new Start Menu and centered taskbar, widgets, and an improved Microsoft Store that also provides access to a third-party store.

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