It turns out that Apple had intended to launch “iPhone nano”

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In 2011, there were rumors that Apple was developing a device called “iPhone nano”, an iPhone with a small screen and cheaper price than the iPhone 4 at the time. Although Apple had never announced any such iPhone, in an email from the late CEO Steve Jobs sent in 2010, he confirmed Apple at the time was planning for an iPhone nano.

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However, the email that Jobs sent in 2010 for a corporate strategy meeting did not reveal too much about this iPhone nano. Only one bullet point shows the “iPhone nano plan” , followed by a further bullet point describing the “cost target” as well as the designation Jony Ive, former Apple design chief, to the model. design for the product. Previously, the bullet point described Steve Jobs’ 2011 strategy as “to create a low-cost iPhone version based on the iPod touch to replace the iPhone 3GS”, but we can’t tell if the iPhone nano will work. has nothing to do with this low-cost iPhone strategy.

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Steve Jobs’s email sent from October 2010 revealed the plan to develop iPhone nano

Currently Apple does not use the suffix “nano” for any of its product lines, but in the past, at the time Steve Jobs sent the letter above, the company had just launched the 6th generation of its line of headphones. iPod nano music was extremely popular at the time. With the influence of the iPod nano, there’s no reason why Apple shouldn’t make a version of the iPhone nano to attract users.

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iPod nano 6th generation

In 2017, Apple ended the iPod nano product line, using the “mini” suffix for a new product line with a compact design like the iPhone 12 mini or the HomePod mini. Still, it’s still surprising if we could imagine what an iPhone nano would look like in 2011, when the iPhone 4 with a 3.5-inch screen was still considered a “big screen”. “.

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