IT industry story: A confidant’s mind

First story: Select an industry

2 years ago, at the end of 12 years, I was lucky to pass all 3 rounds of FPT scholarship, I started to stand between 3 choices: or choose pedagogy, or choose conservatory music, or choose FPT University and all 3 are my passion, my hobbies.

Finally, I chose pedagogy and luckily my parents respected my decision, my teachers and friends were eager to ask the reason, and even now when I say: "I am a pedagogical student" then I also received the question why choose this industry.

Simply because I like, I love the discipline from the first level, I go to pedagogy because I like education, I want to bring a new education, replace the obsolete now, I want to bring giving the young class a new life, a new way of learning, shaping them with a clear future, shaping them to reconcile knowledge, practice and morality.

Second story: Passion

But not the other passion was off, I was still a guy who liked violin and a little piano, still a pedagogy like code.

If one's hobby is fishing, then your hobby will turn on, search for a sheet or code, and I still spend the most time for coding. I still try to train my code skills even though it's bad -_- and the main thing is, I want to have an elearning system suitable for my students later, a system that is not boring, a system Elearning stimulates the exploration and self-study in every student.

Seems to hear fiction, but I just do it, just train, a little bit every day and even though the future looks back to my failure, I am also proud that I have done what I like, I am proud that I have tried by my own ability, and without regret because my youth was not wasted to lose my passion.

Third story: "Why are you so good?"

My friend studied natural science, IT University in Ho Chi Minh City and all 3 children in the same group including 6 children are very close from high school.

In grade 10 I learned AutoIT , writing tools and being echoed, after writing a game launcher published by genk. They also like IT to know and ask, I introduce AutoIT. But my teacher told me not to study that, I could not take any exams, study pascal, then study C / C ++. So they study like the teacher I pointed out.

In the 11th grade, we studied together in one place, the tutor was also an engineer before, but with eye disease, the teacher stopped, he told us: "If you want to get a job later, study Java, PHP ". So we learn Java , PHP .

In the 12th grade, I went to consult enrollment, the IT industry students talked about C #, and directed them to learn C #, so they learned C #.

In the first year of university, their teachers teach C / C ++, they re-learn C / C ++

And just last school year, they learned C #, C # winform.

The two of you look at me and ask:

– "How good are you?" How many products from PC to Android to the web, and we learn IT but haven't done anything yet? ”

– "What I do you bring me to ask your teachers to try it, it is normal with their strength, I am not good, small like us, other than that, I follow a path that I like, they go along the way people like ".

The fourth story: Money

Anyone who wants to be rich, yes, I do too, when I have money, I will take care of my parents, keep a part of, and finally invest in facilities for education.

Many people ask me:
– "Why don't you study IT, make it easier to earn money, teach me what teachers say is not enough to live?"

Yes, but my ultimate goal is not money, it sounds lofty but not so, many people are happy to hold money in their hands, many are happy when they achieve the value they desire. And actually seeing a lot of people coming into the industry and in the industry, how much is it, how much money is important, while not seeing what you can identify, what do you study IT for? Because the knowledge gives yourself a good development because the money and the word "IT" give it to you?

When you run by value, things that produce value will be useful to you. You perfect yourself, follow knowledge, passion, employers will follow you. You sell, follow the quality of goods and service style, customers will follow you, money will follow you.

There are foolish sacrifices for their whole lives that they have not received any valuable material, until they are gone, they leave many things that we have inherited today.

Fifth story: They learn programming

I also had an AutoIT course before, but it was a lot of sadness. Most of you are lazy now.

In the past when I and many people learned AutoIT , the house had no network, the materials did not have Vietnamese, the community was sparse, the forum, the FB group and even a forum like this were just fiction, even , the one with the USB in hand is called the best. Yet people still learn, use it.

For now, the majority of parents buy laptops, private computers, networked houses, cheap USB, Vietnamese documents and full Vietnamese video tutorial, overly-public community, and meet a lot of difficulties.

There are even people who only take their teeth (but not the code) but also refuse to do and wait for the household code
Some people even ask what things F1 only needs to see.

There are people who ask, when giving the link, they say they do not know English, while some English words and examples for test run are available.

Some people don't even know the existence of Google. Disappointed.

That is the failure of the current education, a handheld majority education only, not exploiting personal thinking, not exploiting the development, … and I will change it.

The sixth story: Change

Some people confide, show them the direction so that they can learn the most OK programming , they ignore it, 2, 3 days later, they also ask all questions.

The remaining few have changed. Great to be happy.

One of my classmates Trần Đại Nghĩa inbox boasted:
– "I feel like you code a bit slow. 4 days get login.php with cpanel. sure to have a blog until Tet. Bring back to your parents 🙂 ”

Suddenly I was extremely happy, at that time I just wanted to hold it tightly and say, "Yes, that's right, I have to do it"

Think about it, you are guided, not done, just watch them do it, without practicing it, your brain will know, but not understand. When you do, you have a hard time, when you have a problem, you can use your brain to analyze and solve, and only when you use your brain will you develop.

The last story: confide

I don't know how IT people are, but I love my industry, love my passion, my dull dreams, so when I see people don't appreciate what I love, it's really sad.

We are just tiny dust particles in the vast world, but we are the only, and most special, dust particle in the universe. And so, do not give up the efforts and efforts that you are pursuing yourself, do not be afraid of immediate difficulties, ask yourself, "How did they solve it?" Instead of saying "It's hard I can't do it.

Practice answering with one person, "I don't know, I haven't learned, if I have the opportunity, I will learn it", instead of saying "I don't know".

If you really come to the industry with love, then the obstacle is only an overnight thing you can overcome.

Author Vinh Pham

ITZone via junookyo

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