It happened so quickly: ChatGPT has replaced employees in a wide range of companies!

Tram Ho

ChatGPT has replaced humans

Within about 10 days of its launch, ChatGPT was everywhere, not only on social networking sites but also in promotional emails, sparking ethical debates in schools and courts. compose, infiltrate discussions at the dinner table.

The inevitable has finally come, this clever tool seems to have crept into the vital business of large companies.

OpenAI initially launched ChatGPT in late November. The company’s artificial intelligence chatbot started to go live in early February.

Recently, job consulting platform surveyed 1,000 business leaders who use or plan to use ChatGPT.

Không ngờ mọi thứ lại nhanh đến vậy: ChatGPT đã thay thế nhân viên ở một loạt các công ty! - Ảnh 1.

The survey found that almost half of the companies have implemented chatbots. About half of this group said that ChatGPT had replaced employees at the company.

Stacie Haller, Chief Career Advisor at says:

“There is a lot of excitement about the use of ChatGPT. Since this new technology is only emerging in the workplace, it is certainly necessary for workers to think about how it could affect responsibilities. The results of the survey show that employers are looking to streamline some job responsibilities using ChatGPT “.

Business leaders who use ChatGPT say their companies use ChatGPT for a variety of reasons, with 66% for coding, 58% for writing ads and creating content, 57% for customer support, and 52 % meeting summary and documents.

During the hiring process, 77% of companies use ChatGPT to help write job descriptions, 66% draft interview requests, and 65% respond to applications.

“Overall, most business leaders are impressed with ChatGPT’s work,” says “55% say the quality of work generated by ChatGPT is excellent, while 34% say it does very well”.

Không ngờ mọi thứ lại nhanh đến vậy: ChatGPT đã thay thế nhân viên ở một loạt các công ty! - Ảnh 2.

ChatGPT won’t stop

While business leaders are excited about ChatGPT’s potential, criticism has raged about the tool, including concerns about fraud and plagiarism, racism, sexism, and legitimacy. accuracy and overall questions about how the tool is trained to learn.

The Atlantic’s Ian Bogost warns that ChatGPT should be treated as a toy, not a tool.

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has previously warned against relying on ChatGPT for ” anything important, ” and in a recent series of tweets has also expressed concern about the dangers posed by AI technology. go out.

“Just as technology has evolved and displaced workers over the past few decades, ChatGPT can impact the way we work. As with all new technologies, companies’ use of ChatGPT will constantly evolving and things are just getting started ,” said Haller of

“The economic model using ChatGPT is also evolving. It will be interesting to see how this plays out in terms of savings as well as the reorganization of certain jobs within companies.”

Nearly all companies that use ChatGPT say they’ve saved money using the tool, with 48% saying they’ve saved more than $50,000 and 11% saying they’ve saved more than $100,000.

The use of ChatGPT and other AI tools by companies continues to grow.

Of the companies that identified as businesses using chatbots, 93% said they plan to expand the use of ChatGPT, and 90% of executives said the ChatGPT experience benefits job seekers — if it hasn’t replaced their own work, of course.

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