Isolation at home is too boring, many people seek to become … hackers

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More and more internet users search and visit websites specializing in hacking and cybercrime – a result of a recent study.

Specifically, research conducted by CyberNews found that the number of users interested in dark web and hacker websites increased in March, April, and 5/2020 – the time when many countries around the world issued orders. widespread social blockade and isolation.

In addition, the number of searches for keywords around cyber criminals also increased significantly, and the upward trend of the trend showed that the interest of internet users will continue to increase further as the blockade time is pulled. long.

Search for cybercrime

When researching statistics on Google Trends and SimilarWeb, CyberNews noticed that the number of web searches related to hacks, scams, and other forms of cybercrime increased significantly.

Cách ly ở nhà quá chán, nhiều người tìm cách trở thành…hacker - Ảnh 1.

For example, searches for the keywords ” hacking course ” and ” ethical hacking course ” have reached the highest level ever, while other related keywords cybercriminals like ” how to get on the dark web ” ( how to get into the dark web), ” how to scam ” ( how to scam ), and ” learn hacking ” all have the highest numbers in the past 5 years (or more).

And yet, searches with other keywords related to learning to become cyber criminals, like ” how to hack ” (how to hack), ” how to become a hacker ” ( how to become a hacker). hackers), ” hacking tutorials ” ( hacking tutorials ), and ” empire market ” (the name of the world’s largest dark web market) also saw massive growth in March and April.

CyberNews added that the number of visits to popular hacker websites and forums also increased significantly. Although the statistics show that the number of visits to some of the most crowded websites saw a drop in January and February, the traffic in March increased by 66%.

As interest in cybercrime continues to increase during the corona virus pandemic, the ranks of emerging cyber criminals will continue to rise, ” the company said.

This is especially worth considering in a time when buying and owning malware has become easier than ever. And when so many people express interest in becoming cyber criminals, both businesses and individuals should be wary of cyber security. This is the time when we should take more proactive measures to protect ourselves more “.

Reference: TechRadar

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