iRender Vietnam: Computer configuration parameters are no longer a problem for 3D graphic design thanks to Cloud Rendering solution

Tram Ho

This raises the need for infrastructure investment which costs time and money, as well as impedes creativity for designers.

Cloud computing technology (Cloud Computing) is a technology trend around the world today. This technology provides people with the ability to distribute and share technology resources and hardware infrastructure easily.

In the past, storing large amounts of data required users to upgrade their computer memory by investing in hardware such as adding more RAM. Nowadays, we can completely expand the data storage capacity by using cloud storage services (Cloud Storage Service), even using it free of charge at some popular providers such as Google Drive, One Drive.

Cloud Computing was born to help people solve problems quickly and economically on hardware infrastructure investment problems. Instead, with the internet, people can easily access and share computing performance resources anytime, anywhere through software services. Not only is data storage, there are many other applications of cloud computing that allow users to no longer have a headache about the issue of computer configuration parameters.

For 3D graphic design, Cloud Computing opens a period of great development with technology solutions to help studios and designers save money and have more time for creativity, especially is the emergence of rendering services (Cloud Rendering).

To better understand Cloud Rendering:

First, rendering (Rendering) is the step of rendering images from a design into a complete image. To make it easier to imagine, the image below is a visual depiction of what Rendering is.

iRender Việt Nam: Thông số cấu hình máy tính không còn là vấn đề đối với thiết kế đồ hoạ 3D nhờ giải pháp Cloud Rendering - Ảnh 1.

On the left is the blueprint, on the right is the image that was rendered using iRender software

The Rendering process requires a computer to process a huge amount of computational files, requiring designers’ computers to have extremely large configuration parameters, even need a computer system to handle. physical. Cloud Rendering was born to provide technology solutions for Rendering, which when using this solution, computer configuration parameters are not a headache to studios and 3D graphic designers.

In Vietnam, the term Cloud Rendering is not really popular, but in the world, this trend is making a new page for the 3D graphic design industry. iRender is the first Cloud Rendering service provider in Vietnam with international software standards. Right before the official launch of the product, iRender had both domestic and international customers using the Cloud Rendering service and was a worrying competitor to other major suppliers in the world.

Using simple Cloud Rendering service with SAAS (Software-as-a-Service) model

In line with the trend of Cloud Computing, the software service model (SaaS or Software-as-a-Service) is the most popular software licensing and distribution model in the world today. Services in this model provide users with computing power and the ability to store large databases without having to buy software licenses plus hardware investments as before. Instead of having to invest in server infrastructure with billions of things to do such as choosing to buy materials, install machines, maintain, maintain, buy software licenses … then users of the SaaS model just need to pay fee-based and even more features are completely free to use.

This model has a significant impact on the 3D graphic design industry. In the past, designers who wanted to render (rendering) had to choose computers with terrible configuration or studios had to invest in server infrastructure with a large number of computers to create a new render farm to handle projects. projects that render time is calculated in days, weeks. Accompanied by a huge cost, creative design time is also extremely expensive.

Cloud Rendering is provided by iRender Vietnam as well as other similar services in the world, where users only need to download the software to a personal computer to quickly solve the problem of computer configuration parameters. The designer only needs to upload the project and wait for a period of 5-10 times faster to get the complete result.

Studios also no longer need to anticipate usability for infrastructure investment, less investment is not sufficient performance, more investment is wasted resources. When using the Cloud Rendering Service, designers and studios can completely narrow or expand usability at any time.

Optimize, utility is one of the reasons that the launch event of iRender Vietnam ‘s product Cloud Rending on February 29, 2020 has received a lot of attention from 3D graphic designers, experts. domestic and international architects and studios. This is a good signal for Vietnam’s technology industry to catch up with the trend and compete on the same level in the global playground.

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