iPhone X ‘exploded’ in his pocket, the man in Australia suing Apple

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According to 7 News , the incident occurred in 2019 and the victim – scientist Robert De Rose – is taking legal action after Apple was accused of not responding to his questions about the issue. this subject.

The accident happened whenDe Rose was sitting in the office when he suddenly felt pain in his leg and heard a sound coming from his pocket.

“I heard a faint pop, followed by a screech and then I felt a sharp pain in my right leg, so I immediately jumped up and realized it was my phone,”he said. shall.

Then De Rosepulled the iPhone X out of his pocket, the device is more than a year old, when it was discovered that black smoke was coming from it.

iPhone X phát nổ trong túi, người đàn ông ở Úc khởi kiện Apple - Ảnh 1.

Due to the iPhone X exploding, De Rose said he suffered a “second degree burn” in his thigh. “I had ashes all over the place and my skin was flaking,” he recalls. De Rose claims that he has contacted Apple multiple times regarding the matter, but never received a response.

Currently, this scientist is working with a lawyer to sue Apple for compensation. The law firm is also representing another man, from Melbourne, who claims “had burned his wrist after his Apple Watch overheated.”

An Apple spokesperson told 7News that the company takes the safety of its customers very seriously and is investigating the two complaints. Two lawsuits have been filed with the District Court.

All smartphones present a risk of fire and explosion due to the use of lithium-ion batteries. Problems such as overheating, leakage, or collision related to battery cells can cause a sparking effect. Placing your device in a pocket may cause it to bend while sitting, increasing the risk of battery damage.

Refer to AppleInsider

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