iPhone SE 2020 is the last “nail” Apple plays into the coffin of the small screen smartphone

Tram Ho

What a sad year for those who still love small screen smartphones. We can easily see that the screen size of smartphones is getting bigger in recent years. But this year, it seems the idea of ​​a compact screen smartphone has really died.

Recently, Apple launched the second-generation iPhone SE, which is basically an iPhone 8 equipped with an iPhone 11 processor. It officially replaced the iPhone SE launched in 2016, and has stopped selling since 2018.

iPhone SE 2020 là “chiếc đinh” cuối cùng Apple đóng vào cỗ quan tài của những chiếc smartphone màn hình nhỏ - Ảnh 1.

The iPhone SE 2020 basically inherits the affordable price and the fingerprint sensor on the physical home button of the 2016 iPhone SE 2016. But the iPhone SE 2020 is no longer a compact iPhone, because it has a 4 screen. , 7 inches is the same as iPhone 8, not 2016 iPhone SE 4 inch screen.

Although the iPhone SE 2020 is still substantially smaller than Apple’s current iPhones and most other Android smartphones. But if you’re expecting an iPhone SE like it used to, with a really compact display, you’ll be completely disappointed.

It shows that the trend of small screen smartphones is dead, and Apple has nailed the last nail into this coffin. Even the iPhone series featured a small screen design, now it is no longer small.

iPhone SE 2020 là “chiếc đinh” cuối cùng Apple đóng vào cỗ quan tài của những chiếc smartphone màn hình nhỏ - Ảnh 2.

This trend is further confirmed by Samsung when launching the Galaxy S20 smartphone series. The smallest Galaxy S20 has a 6.2-inch screen, in fact not small at all. The Galaxy S20 Plus and S20 Ultra even have bigger screens. While last year, Samsung also launched the Galaxy S10E version with a 5.8-inch screen, this year is no longer available.

The small screen smartphone makes manufacturers face a lot of restrictions. It’s like not being able to make the battery bigger, there’s not much space inside to place more components, can’t compete with camera technology with multiple sensors.

Aside from being convenient, small screen smartphones don’t really give us any benefits. So the fact that these smartphones were soon to die is understandable. Although there are many people who prefer having a really compact iPhone to pocket in a jeans pocket.

Reference: theverge

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