iPhone 14 Pro Max VN/A floating on the market

Tram Ho

Retailers in Vietnam have just had a “bumper” iPhone sales season when they announced sales of hundreds of billions of dong only after the first day of selling iPhone 14 to consumers.

For example, FPT Shop announced to hand over a total of more than 14,000 machines to customers on October 16, earning 400 billion VND in revenue. Mobile World announced delivery of 12,000 devices while CellphoneS announced sales of 200 billion VND on the day of sale, equivalent to about 7,000 devices. According to estimates, revenue from genuine iPhone 14 (VN/A) on the day of sale can reach about 1,200 billion VND.

iPhone 14 VN/A bán trôi nổi trên thị trường - Ảnh 1.

iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max have huge appeal in the market.

However, these numbers do not fully reflect the “hot” of iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max – the two most advanced versions in this sale.

Agents reported that they still “debt” thousands of customer orders that could not be delivered because the goods were “sold out”. Visit the websites of many retail systems at this time, the stock status of the 128 and 256 GB iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models will be “out of stock” or “pending”. As revealed by many retail systems, customers who want to buy the device at this stage have to wait at least 2 more weeks to receive the device. This means that the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max are sold out until November.

Unable to buy genuine VN/A machines right now, many people choose to “turn the car” to “portable” goods – machines with codes ZA, ZP or LL for Hong Kong, Singapore or US markets.

Another way that they are choosing, which is very strange but has existed for 2 years in the Vietnamese market: buying from people who have successfully deposited early.

On iPhone groups in Vietnam, this buying and selling activity is now taking place extremely vigorously, including the screens for buying or selling. “Need to buy iPhone 14 Pro Max 128GB purple, VNA goods, not activated”, “Available purple/yellow iPhone 14 Pro/Pro Max, TopZone/FPT/Shopdunk goods, price …”, are the advertisements. Buying/selling has been very popular on these groups during the past few days.

iPhone 14 VN/A bán trôi nổi trên thị trường - Ảnh 2.

Many people look to buy back genuine machines because the retail systems are out of stock.

These iPhones are essentially goods “collected” from dealers through the form of pre-order. Although many dealers have issued regulations forcing customers to activate the device as soon as they buy it, somehow, this group of merchants still collects a large number of machines that are still sealed and have not been activated.

This “floating” VN/A iPhone 14 Pro, Pro Max is for sale with a price difference of about 1-3 million compared to the listed price, depending on whether the device has been activated or not and the color. For example, the purple VN/A iPhone 14 Pro Max, with clear and activated invoices, are for sale for about VND 35 million while the unactivated device can be sold for up to VND 37 million. Meanwhile, the list price of genuine iPhone 14 Pro Max 128 GB is 34 million dong.

This is a phenomenon that happened last year when the iPhone 13 opened for sale in Vietnam. At that time, the machine also quickly sold out, creating an opportunity for a group of traders to speculate and resell the product for a profit.

“In fact, the group of users who do not want to book in advance to wait to receive the device, but just want to buy it and get the goods is always huge. This trend creates opportunities for speculators to make a profit. They try to order real machines. early at many different dealers, wait for order confirmation, then receive the device on the day of sale and resell. Basically, the demand is great so they are not afraid of not selling. Even these people have regrets. I regret not being able to order more devices,” shared Mr. Tien Minh, who has been following the mobile market in Vietnam for many years.

iPhone 14 VN/A bán trôi nổi trên thị trường - Ảnh 3.

Out of stock iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max may last until November.

When asked about why many people are not willing to wait another 1.2 weeks or longer to buy an iPhone at the right price, Mr. Tien Minh said, the demand for gifts like new iPhones in Vietnam is huge. . “Giving/gifting during the period when the machine has just opened for sale will have a much greater meaning than in the later period”, Mr. Minh said. Besides, there is also a part of users who don’t care much about price, willing to spend 1-2 million more to get the product they want immediately, instead of having to order and wait.

According to Mr. Minh, this phenomenon will only end when the new iPhone models are out of stock. In the case of this year, this situation can be resolved in November, when the next batches of goods arrive. Besides, the new iPhone also only creates heat in the early stages, when the demand for buying explodes. Later, when sales stabilize again, these unusual buying and selling phenomena will certainly no longer happen.

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