iPhone 14 Pro Max portable surf goods for sale surprisingly cheap

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According to a reporter’s survey, at some iPhone trading groups, there have been posts for sale iPhone 14 Pro Max super surfing with prices ranging from 30-37 million VND (depending on the memory version and color). ). With the price on the iPhone 14 Pro Max surfing can be considered a bargain for customers who accept to use the old device.

iPhone 14 Pro Max xách tay hàng lướt được rao bán giá rẻ bất ngờ - Ảnh 1.


iPhone 14 Pro Max is the most popular version of the new iPhone series launched not long ago. At the beginning of the sale, the price of portable iPhone 14 models, especially the newly launched purple Pro and Pro Max versions, was pushed up by traders.

Specifically, the purple iPhone 14 Pro Max 256 GB version on the first day was offered for sale to nearly 60 million VND, now it is popular at 39 – 41 million VND (depending on color). Meanwhile, the 128 GB version currently fluctuates around 37 million VND.

iPhone 14 Pro is also priced from 30 million VND with the lowest version (LL version). Along with that, iPhone 14 also reduced by 4-5 million, users who want to own the device only need to spend 21 million for the lowest capacity.

However, after the goods stabilized, the price of portable iPhone gradually cooled down. Many iPhone 14 models are advertised as equivalent to the expected price of genuine goods, especially the US-imported iPhone 14 series, which is several million dong cheaper.

iPhone 14 Pro Max xách tay hàng lướt được rao bán giá rẻ bất ngờ - Ảnh 2.


In particular, the iPhone 14 Pro Max imported from Singapore costs from VND 36 million for the 128GB version, the 256GB version costs from VND 37.5 million. Meanwhile, the models imported from the US have quite strong discounts. Currently, the US-made iPhone 14 Pro Max 128GB has a starting price of VND 33.49 million with black, silver and gold versions. As for the purple version, the price is about 1.8 million VND higher. iPhone 14 Pro from the US market is adjusted to less than 30 million VND. Accordingly, the 128 GB version costs from 28.19 million VND, the 256 GB version costs 28.89 million VND and the 512 GB version costs 33.79 million VND.

According to wholesalers, the reason why the price of the US-made iPhone 14 is so low is because the device sold to this market is only equipped with an eSIM, without a physical SIM slot. Not being able to actively replace the SIM as a tradition creates anxiety for users.

iPhone 14 Pro Max locked for 24 million dong is still empty

In some groups using iPhone lock, the 128 GB locked iPhone 14 Pro Max is advertised for more than 24 million VND while the 256 GB version is more than 25 million VND. This level is lower than the international version on the portable market about 12-15 million VND depending on capacity and color. Most lock machines are of American origin, LL/A code is very popular.

Despite the super cheap price, most of the posts many consumers expressed many concerns about the US iPhone lock. Some also argue that not everyone can risk spending 30 million just to buy an iPhone used as an iPod model or a “paperweight”.

iPhone 14 Pro Max xách tay hàng lướt được rao bán giá rẻ bất ngờ - Ảnh 3.


To “fight fire”, dealers said, when you want to make calls, users can use the iPhone 14 in parallel with another international iPhone or iPad. Devices logged in with the same iCloud account should be able to listen and call on devices under the same manager. In addition, users can also communicate via messaging software such as Skype, Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber but requires a Wi-Fi connection.

It can be said that iPhone lock has always been a good business for portable traders in the Vietnamese market because it is cheap and can be cracked to use with SIMs of domestic carriers. However, things have started to change since Apple removed the SIM tray on the iPhone 14 generation in the US. This is also considered the end of the iPhone jailbreak process with traditional physical SIM cards.

In addition, the technician has not yet found a way to use the ICCID code to bypass the security on the iPhone as well as the Apple server, so it is becoming increasingly difficult to use iPhone lock.

As planned, genuine iPhone 14 in Vietnam will begin to be ordered from October 7 before “on shelves” on October 14. Retailers in Vietnam also gave the expected price of the iPhone 14 series at 24-25 million dong for the standard version, 27-28 million dong for the Plus version. The Pro and Pro Max versions are priced from VND 31 and 34 million, respectively. The highest price belongs to the iPhone 14 Pro Max with a capacity of 1 TB with nearly 50 million VND.

Compared to the price of portable iPhone 14, the genuine price is considered to be highly competitive. However, the price of portable iPhone is expected to continue to fall and lower than the genuine product after the iPhone models are officially distributed.

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