iPhone 14 may not have a SIM slot, iPhone 13 will also have an eSIM-only version

Tram Ho

Not long ago it was reported that the iPhone 15 Pro launched in 2023 will not have a physical SIM slot, but according to the latest source, the full adoption of eSIM may be conducted by Apple sooner.

eSIM is a type of digital SIM that allows you to connect to a telecom operator without using a regular physical SIM. Apple’s latest iPhone 13s now support dual eSIM, meaning two eSIMs can be used simultaneously. However, the iPhone 13 still has a physical nano-SIM slot.


iPhone 14 có thể sẽ không có khe cắm SIM, iPhone 13 cũng sẽ có phiên bản chỉ sử dụng eSIM - Ảnh 1.

MacRumors believes that Apple may launch an iPhone version without a physical SIM slot in 2022. A document in cooperation with major US carriers in the US details this, including instructions for users. used when using an eSIM-only iPhone. Not only that, Apple is also thinking of launching an iPhone 13 version without a SIM slot in Q2 next year.

However, Apple will still launch an iPhone 14 version with a physical SIM slot, in markets where eSIM is not yet popular.

In addition, the iPhone 14 promises to be upgraded with a new processor chip based on the 4nm process and a 120Hz screen. The iPhone 14 Pro versions will have the largest RAM memory ever.

Reference: Phonearena

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