iPhone 13 was in short supply, unexpectedly increased in price after iPhone 14 opened for sale

Tram Ho

As the flagship product of Apple, iPhone 14 received a lot of attention from users and the technology lover community before its launch.

However, with only being equipped with the same processor as the iPhone 13, the camera and design are no different from its predecessor, the iPhone 14 gives users no reason to spend money to buy products.

iPhone 13 khan hàng, tăng giá bất ngờ sau khi iPhone 14 mở bán - Ảnh 1.

Contrary to the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max duo, which are always “sold out” from the first days of sale, this year’s standard iPhone duo has fallen into a state of “stagnation” (Artwork: Raymond Wong / Input Mag)

The boredom of the standard iPhone 14 duo makes users indifferent. Instead of having to pay the same price to own an iPhone 14/14 Plus with a meager upgrade, many people look to the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max as a more affordable option.

According to the latest market research report of CounterPoint Research, after the iPhone 14 went on sale, the price of refurbished / used products of the iPhone 13 series increased by 11% on average.

iPhone 13 khan hàng, tăng giá bất ngờ sau khi iPhone 14 mở bán - Ảnh 2.

Prices of refurbished/used iPhone 13 products have increased by an average of 11% compared to the time before the arrival of iPhone 14 due to high demand (Source: CounterPoint Research)

“Demand is very strong, especially for the iPhone 13 Pro version,” according to CounterPoint Research.

Gizchina said that this is not surprising as this year’s standard iPhone 14 version has been greatly reduced by Apple in terms of equipment compared to the Pro and Pro Max duo.

“The appearance of the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus is similar to the old generation, the new screen technology does not appear on this iPhone duo. As for performance, this is also the first time in history that a new iPhone has used a new iPhone. using the old chip,” commented Gizchina. “Meanwhile, the two major upgrades, satellite communications and car accident detection, don’t make much sense to most ordinary users.”

iPhone 13 khan hàng, tăng giá bất ngờ sau khi iPhone 14 mở bán - Ảnh 3.

With the same price as iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max, iPhone 14 and 14 Plus are considered less attractive (Artwork: Engadget)

In terms of price, the iPhone 14 is also more expensive than the older generation. For comparison, the price of this year’s iPhone 14 is on par with last year’s iPhone 13 Pro, while the iPhone 14 Plus version is also equivalent to the iPhone 13 Pro Max. For refurbished or used versions, the price is even lower.

Some users who do not have enough budget to choose iPhone 14 Pro/14 Pro Max will naturally choose iPhone 13 Pro/Pro Max instead of the standard iPhone 14 duo.

In Vietnam, sharing from Apple authorized dealers said that iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max currently only have enough sales until the end of October.

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