iPhone 13 may have a screen display feature similar to Apple Watch, and like Android smartphones many years ago

Tram Ho

According to the latest report by Bloomberg, the iPhone 13 will likely be equipped with an always-on screen feature, similar to Apple Watch and Android smartphones many years ago. This will be one of the new improvements of the iPhone 13.

The always-on screen is not a new feature, Android smartphone manufacturers have equipped this technology many years ago. However, Apple only equips always-on screens for its smartwatches, while iPhones and iPads never have.

iPhone 13 có thể sẽ có tính năng hiển thị màn hình giống Apple Watch, và giống smartphone Android cách đây nhiều năm - Ảnh 1.

The reason may be that Apple found this feature unnecessary on iPhones and iPads. While we often need to see the time on our watches, so the always-on display feature will be very useful, using iPhone and iPad is completely different. What’s more, iPhones with Apple’s Face ID also have a feature that automatically lights up the screen when held in front of you.

But because the iPhone 13 will be equipped with the new LTPO panel technology. It is possible that Apple thinks that adding an always-on feature will not hurt at all, because it also does not affect the battery life of the iPhone too much.

In addition, Bloomberg also reports that the iPhone 13 will have improved battery life, smaller notch, 120Hz screen, improved camera, and a more powerful new A15 chip. According to Bloomberg, the iPhone 13 will be released this fall, between September and November.

Reference: theverge

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