iPhone 12 Pro peels paint after only a few days on the shelves

Tram Ho

iPhone 12 Pro was officially sold by Apple in the first countries on October 23. Although only a few days have passed, but a user in China has recorded an image of an iPhone 12 Pro peeling “tattered”.

The image shows an iPhone 12 Pro (which appears to be Pacific Blue) with the bezel dotted with paint marks, revealing the pristine white part of the steel. Obviously, this iPhone doesn’t look good at all.

iPhone 12 Pro bị tróc sơn chỉ sau vài ngày lên kệ - Ảnh 1.

In fact, this is a machine on display at the Chinese Apple Store. And with the iPhone 12 Pro attracting a lot of attention, perhaps the “miserable” machine on the hands of thousands, even tens of thousands of different users in the past few days. Therefore, it is difficult to use the image above as a gauge to evaluate the paint durability of the iPhone 12 Pro.

However, it also shows that a peeling of the iPhone 12 Pro is entirely possible. In fact, many users have reflected the same situation on previous generations of iPhones with steel borders like the iPhone X, XS or 11 Pro, especially dark versions like Space Gray. Therefore, iPhone 12 Pro users are recommended to use a case to not only avoid the front / back glass from breaking, but also the steel bezel that is durable over time.

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Source : Genk