iPad Mini 6 has more errors of color change and distortion on the LCD screen

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Right after Apple’s latest iPad Mini 6 hit shelves, users discovered a “jelly melt screen” error on this tablet. However, Apple insists this is a completely normal phenomenon and not a hardware fault. Most recently, users discovered another error of the LCD screen of the iPad Mini 6.

According to user feedback on the Reddit forum, iPad Mini 6 suffers from discoloration and distortion on the Liquid Retina LCD screen. When touching the touch screen, the iPad Mini 6’s screen shows strange circles in another position.

iPad Mini 6 lại dính thêm lỗi đổi màu và biến dạng trên màn hình LCD - Ảnh 1.

Users who encounter this error report that the condition is worse when setting up the iPad in dark mode and when using more force than usual. Especially when pressing and holding the screen, you will be able to clearly see this error on the iPad Mini 6.

“I received the iPad Mini 6 64gb Wi-Fi about a week ago, and started noticing issues on the screen. When holding the iPad vertically and gently tapping the screen, you will see distortion and discoloration 1 inch above the right finger, ”said one user.

The LCD screen of the iPad Mini 6 has an error.

Some users have gone to the Apple Store and exchanged for a new iPad Mini 6, but the above phenomenon still occurs. A retail employee at the Apple Store shared that he would not be surprised if Apple announced a recall of the iPad Mini 6 screen.

However, not all iPad Mini 6 users experience this error, there are still many users who are not affected or may not be affected.

Reference: 9to5mac

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