iOS 16 update new features on iPhone makes Vietnamese users happy

Tram Ho

During the WWDC 2022 event taking place at 0:00 on June 7 in Vietnam time, Apple introduced to users the new iOS 16 operating system. With iOS 16, users can use many new interesting features such as separating the background of photos, customizing the lock screen interface, editing, and recalling messages…

Specifically, in iOS 16 beta 4, users were able to translate into Vietnamese from other languages. This translation feature is available on Safari websites, in the translation app, or any text scanned from live or selectable text.

iOS 16 allows translation into Vietnamese on the web, translation app and other applications. Photo: Facebook Dao Huu Tien

In addition to the ability to translate into Vietnamese, you can also choose to read documents easily to enhance the user experience. However, this translation feature is similar to Google translate “word by word”, so it is not really meaningful.

iOS 16 allows direct translation and reading of documents in Vietnamese

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Source : Genk