iOS 14 will reduce Facebook ad revenue by up to 50% on Audience Network

Tram Ho

Facebook recently issued a warning to advertisers that Apple’s upcoming tracking blocking tools could reduce advertising revenue through the Audience Network by up to 50% by blocking apps from tracking users. through the IDFA (Identifier for Advertisers) feature – identifiable information for advertisers.

In its post, Facebook said, they and many advertising partners depend on this IDFA feature when it allows advertisers to track users across many different applications and websites, thereby bringing in the Targeted advertising more precisely. However, with iOS 14, Apple added a new layer of protection that forces developers to get their users’ permission before they can follow them across apps and websites.

iOS 14 sẽ làm Facebook giảm đến 50% doanh thu quảng cáo trên Audience Network - Ảnh 1.

This forces Facebook itself to acknowledge the significant impact on advertisers’ reach.

This is not the change we want to make, but unfortunately Apple updates to iOS 14 led to this decision. We know what could have a serious impact on the ability of homes to monetize. advertise through Audience Network on iOS 14, and while we have done our best, and may render Audience Network so ineffective that it is unreasonable to provide it on iOS 14 in the future . ”

Because of the new features mentioned above, Facebook says they will be limited in their ability to advertise properly on iOS 14. Some iOS 14 users will not see ads from the Audience Network program, while others will see less relevant ads. Therefore, developers, advertisers using Facebook’s Audience Network program will notice lower CPMs.

Facebook says developers and advertisers will be “hurt” by iOS 14 at an already difficult time. And so, Facebook says, it’s planning to invest time and resources into building products that monetize advertisers and support platforms outside of iOS 14.

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