iOS 14 reveals new iPhone 9, iPad Pro, Apple TV and AirTags

Tram Ho

Leaks of code from the OS versions being developed always give us many things. Recently, according to 9to5Mac technology page, the leaked code from iOS 14 has revealed many details about Apple’s upcoming hardware, including:

New iPad Pro

According to iOS 14, the new iPad Pro will have a cluster of three rear cameras, including a 3D TOF sensor, a wide-angle camera and a telephoto camera. This is an extremely powerful camera upgrade compared to the 2018 iPad Pro.


TOF sensor seems to serve a new AR feature. According to 9to5Mac, Apple is currently developing a new AR app for iOS 14. AR will be something Apple will focus strongly on in the future.

iPhone 9

The code also revealed details about the upcoming “cheap” iPhone 9. iPhone 9 will support Touch ID as well as Express Transit. For those of you who don’t know, Express Transit is a support feature for Apple Pay, helping Apple Pay users simply keep their devices at the terminal payment devices without having to authenticate via Touch ID or Face ID.

Apple hopes this new iPhone will “knock out” customers who are still using iPhone 6.


iPhone 9 is expected to launch this spring, coming with iOS 13.4. Of course, iOS 14 will still be supported, which is why its information is in the code of this OS.

Apple TV

iOS 14 also includes information about Apple TV. Previous versions of tvOS 13 have revealed that Apple is developing a new Apple TV box, but iOS 14 also revealed that there will be a new remote for Apple TV.

Siri remote has always been a controversial point for many Apple TV users. It is relatively expensive and the price will always be an obstacle to Apple TV can compete with other cheap TV Box.


Apple is also developing a new workout app for Apple TV. This App will allow users to download sports exercises and be guided through Apple TV. All data will be synchronized with the Apple Watch, in which the integrated Apple Music will allow users to listen to music during practice.


Finally, for AirTag, iOS 14 revealed that AirTag can be mass-set up via iOS, and can replace batteries easily.

Users of the latest iPhone models will be able to track AirTag via AR. AirTag will also be able to emit a sound to help users locate it easier.


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Source : Techtalk