iOS 14 is officially released

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After three months of beta release, today (September 17), iOS 14 / iPadOS 14 has been officially released to users. iOS 14 brings many significant changes to the devices iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, and adds many features to help protect user privacy.

iOS 14 chính thức ra mắt người dùng - Ảnh 1.

Here is a summary of some notable new points on iOS 14.

The main screen is redesigned

The Home Screen (Home Screen) on iOS 14 now supports displaying widgets directly. Users can customize widgets and widgets can display real-time content updates (like weather or news …).

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iOS 14 also introduced the App Library, a brand new apps menu divided into different categories of apps. Apps on the home screen can now be hidden, but kept in the App Library.

The interface of incoming calls and Siri is cleaner

If on previous iOS versions, whenever a call came in or activated Siri, the interface would occupy the entire screen, now it only occupies a part of the screen and users can continue to manipulate. current applications.

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With PiP (Picture in Picture) mode, users can both watch a video or FaceTime Video with another user while using applications normally.

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App Clips – Faster access to the application

Apple Clip is a small part of an application designed to help users quickly discover the applications they need. App Clip is associated with certain businesses or products so that users can quickly experience these applications within seconds.

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App Clip can be activated very quickly with just a QR code or NFC tag, or even shared via messages and browsers. All App Clip apps meet security standards and work like a standalone app. App Clip works similar to Google Play Instant on Android, allowing users to try a part of the application without downloading.

Updated messaging app

Messages messenger on iOS 14 is updated with quite a few new features, including the ability to pin conversations to the top, allow replying to messages in a group chat, tag other users directly with characters “@” and set an avatar for the chat group … Users can use Memoji to make avatar with many different customizations.

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Many security features

For a long time, Apple has always helped users protect privacy as well as personal data with a series of new features on iOS. In addition to features available from previous versions like Signing in with Apple, notification of apps using location … on iOS 14, Apple added features like customizing access to your photo gallery (one / one some photos or all of the library), warn when an app tries to retrieve data from the clipboard, customize exact or relative positioning, or warn that an app is using camera / microphone / translation location.

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Other features

Translate: The new iOS app is quite similar to Google Translate, which supports translating conversations with other people directly. This application can work offline without internet and does not send user data.

Siri is smarter, able to recognize complex contexts based on the application being used on the screen.

Electronic lock : User can use the electronic key to unlock the car. The electronic key can be shared with other users via text message and has a shelf life. Electronic lock supports vehicles with built-in NFC.

– More improved health app with many health support features.

Apple One : Apple’s “all-in-one” service package, with a one-time subscription to all services, saves money compared to subscribing to each service individually.

New accessibility features : Activate the pre-set action by touching the back (Back Tap), sound recognition, Voice Over …

Currently, users of supported iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices can download and install the iOS 14 update directly by going to Settings> General> Software Update . The new update is quite heavy so make sure your device is connected to a stable Wi-Fi network, the battery capacity is 50% larger to avoid problems occurring during the update process.

iOS 14 chính thức ra mắt người dùng - Ảnh 8.

Previous iOS 14 beta users can also update to the official version (GM version – Golden Master) in the same way.

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