Investors applauded CEO Tim Cook for his strategies that have brought success to Apple

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When Tim Cook took over as CEO of Apple and replaced Steve Jobs in 2011, Apple investors were not sure that Tim Cook could take on this extremely important position and overcome the founder’s shadow. iconic Steve Jobs.

Tim Cook has done a great job of managing Apple’s supply chain, but running the entire company’s operations is a completely different story. But today, overcoming all doubts, Tim Cook has proven that he deserves the CEO seat at Apple.

Các nhà đầu tư hết lời ca ngợi CEO Tim Cook, vì những chiến lược của ông đã mang đến thành công cho Apple - Ảnh 1.

The strategic decisions of CEO Tim Cook have brought certain success to Apple. By the end of 2016, Tim Cook turned its business to focus on services, right after iPhone sales peaked in 2015.

This decision has brought a sweet fruit to Apple, when the service segment brought in $ 25 billion in revenue in 2016, and is expected to increase to $ 50 billion in 2020. Besides, this is also a misleading tactic. The direction of CEO Tim Cook, when making investors no longer pay attention to iPhone sales anymore, because then iPhone sales continuously plummeted.

According to a Reuters report today, Apple investors continue to praise CEO Tim Cook for his strategy to address the effects of the U.S.-China trade war. In China, a wave of patriotism emerged and boycotted the iPhone to choose Huawei smartphones. Besides the new tariff barriers that the US imposes on components manufactured in China and imported into the US, including some Apple devices.

CEO Tim Cook has built a special relationship with President Donald Trump

It is no coincidence that Tim Cook is one of the few tech company CEOs who has a close relationship with President Donald Trump. Earlier, Trump had called for a boycott of Apple products during his 2016 campaign.

It was Tim Cook who convinced Mr. Trump: “The new tariff barrier will give Samsung a lot of competitive advantage right in the US market.” And also thanks to the close relationship with the president, some important Apple products made in China have avoided being taxed when imported back to the US.

Under CEO Tim Cook, Apple became the first technology company in the world to reach $ 1 trillion in market capitalization, creating the world’s best-selling smartwatch, along with the extremely powerful AirPods wireless headset. popular. iPhone also achieved great success, especially the iPhone X with a completely new design launched in 2017.

Now the doubts have completely disappeared, leaving only the praise that Apple investors gave to CEO Tim Cook.

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