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iOS 14 was introduced by Apple at WWDC on June 22, 2020, and until September 16, 2020, iOS 14 was officially released. Surely you are a lover of Apple device experience or an iPhone fan or Developer who has updated this new version?

In this article, let’s find out about the interesting things on this iOS 14! Whether you are a user or a Developer make sure that the new updates in iOS 14 will delight you and want to experience it as soon as possible, let’s get started.

1. App Library

This is a new feature to organize apps on your phone more efficiently from folders with specific themes or main apps you use frequently. Inside each folder shows the apps you have added but with different icon sizes, which apps you use most often will appear larger and vice versa.

How to use:

You just need to swipe to the last App Library page where the apps are automatically sorted into each topic, you can hide the Libraries for a cleaner look or edit the library to your liking. for the most convenience.

  • When you find the application you need but you cannot find it, you can touch the words App Library to search for it, quite simple and convenient.

App Library Image iOS 14

2. Widgets

The new redesigned iOS 14 feature lets you add Widgets right to the home screen, something you already know about when you see weather, charts, time, etc.But it’s a little different now that you can. Customizable to the size, users can choose their favorite feature to display right at the home screen for easy continuous monitoring. This helps you a lot, get essential information of an application without having to access it directly.

Now Apple has added WidgetKit so that developers can add this customization to their apps, bringing more of the app’s main experience to the Home screen for users to use more often. Here is a small example using WidgetKit:

The results are as shown below:

3. Picture in picture

When you watch a good movie and want to keep watching it while performing another task, now is quite possible. You will minimize the Youtube video application on the screen and go to the second task you need to perform.

4. Messages

Texting is more convenient as you can now put the chat group you want to follow on top (pin top) and only receive new message notifications when someone mentions (mentioned) directly and vice versa. will do this when you want others to immediately notice your messages even though the group is having many new messages. A pretty good experience to try

5. CarPlay (Electronic car key)

Heard the name has shown its a bit of a good direction, right? This feature lets you unlock your car remotely using an iPhone running iOS 14, which is stored in the iPhone’s security and it can be shared with others via iMessage or deleted. skip through iCloud. This feature works based on NFC technology but in the future Apple will research to use it with the Ultra Wideband U1 chip line.

It’s very interesting, but one thing is regrettable that in addition to having an iPhone iOS 14, you need a BMW 5 2021 to use this technology. In the short term, you will work hard to code to buy this driver, then you will use iOS lock version even more so you don’t worry about feature errors. Just kidding, Apple is currently in talks with BMW Group to integrate in many other car lines and other brands to make coverage more common.

6. App Privacy

Apple updated a new policy to add more privacy to users, so that when an app needs to use which privacy, it will immediately notify the user and request a new permission to use that feature, such as: location, contacts, microphone, call etc. In addition, App Privacy also lets you know if the app is tracking personal information or payment history.

Next, there is a small icon in the right corner of the application that shows whether the application is currently using your microphone or camera.

7. App Clips

This is a huge update to the App Store, a new feature that you can launch via Safari, Messages or Maps. This is not a complete application but only a small part of the application that helps you perform a feature that you need to use.

For example, you buy an item and now will need to scan a QR code, it will open only the QR code for you to make your payment without having to download both the app and the application does not appear. in the Home screen. It was based on Apple’s philosophy when it was FAST and FAST OPEN.

8. Maps

Perhaps this will be a feature that people in big cities often use when getting lost in “here” for many years and always looking for MAP to escape

With this new update you will know which route you are on and whether the area is going to be congested. In addition, if you are using a tram it will display nearby charging stations, and also display bicyclist directions to help you know whether to go on ramps or stairs.

Currently the feature is available in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Shanghai, and Beijing. Going forward, it will expand to the UK, Ireland and Canada.

9. Summary

Above is the information that I learn about iOS 14, hope to help you are developers or you love technology, especially iOS operating system.

If you know more useful things about this new version or your experience, feel free to share them in the comments section so that you and many other friends will know more interesting things. Hello everyone!

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