Intel uses Apple’s “advertising star” to house Macs with M1 chips

Tram Ho

Intel has just released a series of promotional videos, in which the main character is Justin Long, the “I’m a Mac” star famous in the advertising campaign of Apple Mac computers from 2006 to 2009. Like a The slap Apple, Justin Long this time compared the features that Intel computers can do and Macs with M1 chips do not.

New Intel ads mock Apple, with things like the Touch Bar on a MacBook Pro, missing a touchscreen, supporting only one external display at a time, lack of choice and flexibility, and more. again.

Intel dùng chính “ngôi sao quảng cáo” của Apple để cà khịa máy Mac với chip M1 - Ảnh 1.

This is Intel’s second “Go PC” campaign in recent times, especially for Apple. In February, Intel started a campaign on Twitter, with messages like “If you can flip through Photoshop thumbnails with your actual thumb, you’re not on a Mac. Go PC ”.

Intel is certainly bitter when Apple ditched its chips to switch to its own M1 chip, which is based on the ARM architecture. Not only that, but these M1 chips have very impressive performance. That’s not to mention the current M1-powered Macs are just the lowest-end versions, and the more powerful Apple Silicon Macs are on the way.

Reference: 9to5mac

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