Intel has just announced it will produce mobile chips, TSMC immediately announced a $ 100 billion investment to expand the line

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Intel has just announced a new plan to invest up to $ 20 billion to build a mobile chip factory, TSMC immediately responded with a plan to spend $ 100 billion to expand the wires. its chip production line.

According to Bloomberg, TSMC will invest $ 100 billion over the next three years to expand the production of mobile chips, increase productivity and research more advanced semiconductor technologies. TSMC is currently a pioneer in the production of mobile chips based on the 5nm process, in the near future it will be a 3nm process.

Intel vừa tuyên bố sẽ sản xuất chip di động, TSMC ngay lập tức công bố khoản đầu tư 100 tỷ USD để mở rộng dây chuyền - Ảnh 1.

As the world’s largest contract chip maker, TSMC is currently manufacturing chips for major customers like Apple, Qualcomm or Nvidia. TSMC not only produces chips that power smartphones, but also for many other smart devices from refrigerators to cars.

“We are entering a period of greatest growth, when the 5G trend and high performance computing are driving a very high demand for our semiconductor technology,” TSMC told Reuters . The Covid-19 pandemic is also accelerating the digitization process in all aspects ”.

TSMC also sees an unprecedented demand from manufacturers for semiconductors, as global chip shortages are affecting many industries. TSMC’s production line expansion plan promises to help solve this shortage problem.

TSMC’s investment of up to $ 100 billion is also a threat to Intel, as the giant has just announced it will encroach on mobile chips. Intel will also contract chip manufacturing for other companies, possibly even making chips for Apple if it can cooperate.

Reference: appleinsider

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