Intel allied with Mediatek against Qualcomm in the 5G war

Tram Ho

There have been rumors about Intel planning to integrate 5G into its computer processor platform. But so far, no one knows how Intel will implement that plan, especially after the mobile modem chip segment has been shut down. It seems impossible for Intel to make its own 5G modem chip to integrate into the computer processor.

Therefore, recently, Intel unexpectedly announced a cooperation with chip manufacturer MediaTek. Starting in 2021, Intel will use MediaTek’s 5G modem chips to integrate into personal computer systems. Therefore, we will see laptops equipped with Intel processors and capable of 5G mobile network connectivity in the near future.

Intel liên minh với Mediatek chống lại Qualcomm trong cuộc chiến 5G - Ảnh 1.

The decision to partner with MediaTek is a step that seems right for Intel to compete directly with rival Qualcomm. Although from the outside, Intel is trading in computer chips, Qualcomm is in mobile chips, and the two manufacturers are not infringing on each other. But a new trend is emerging, and it is Qualcomm who initiates and challenges Intel.

These are PCs that are always connected to the internet (aka ACPC). These are devices like the new Microsoft Surface Pro X, Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Book 2, and lots of other laptops from HP, Lenovo or other brands. Although ACPC is still limited by performance, sales are not really high, but these devices are opening a new trend.

It shows that Qualcomm could also threaten Intel’s dominance, by producing processor chips for computers based on the ARM architecture. Some of the advantages of these processors are power-saving, no need for bulky radiators, capable of 4G or 5G connectivity anytime, anywhere.

Intel clearly recognized the threat coming from Qualcomm, so the giant was making constant efforts to develop its own modem chip segment. However, that effort failed after being abandoned by Apple, so the cooperation with MediaTek seems very reasonable.

MediaTek is not appreciated by its ability to produce mobile processing chips, but its modem chip is quite good. The only problem is that MediaTek modem chips are currently only available for mid-range and low-end smartphones, not high-end devices.

Another reason Intel decided to partner with MediaTek is because rival AMD has joined hands with Qualcomm. MediaTek’s 5G technology has some limitations on speed and frequency on smartphones, but is suitable for use on laptops.

In the near future, we may see a bigger battle. Between one is AMD and Qualcomm, and the other is Intel and Mediatek.

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