Instructions to make videos hover in tiktok 2020 trend

Tram Ho

Recently there has been a trend of making clips hovering quite interestingly. However, these techniques have been around for a long time, but now it creates an interesting trend. Technically, it’s not complicated, so called stop motion technique (you can learn

more about the history as well as this beautiful and simple technique). Maybe you do not know that the cartoon shaun the sheep was also born on stop motion

This is a job that requires high meticulousness, which is a walk through a bit of motion graphic. However, making tiktok trend videos is much simpler and anyone can do it themselves

I summarize there are 3 ways to do it

  1. can be used directly by phone
  2. Returning with the phone and finished editing with the edit software
  3. After recording by phone, use the edit app on the phone

1. Use your phone to do in person

head off or open the smartphone and enter camera mode, press record then click pause button, then temporarily record and now prepare your audience 1 -2 -3 to jump high at the same time you press the flash pause key to continue recording, but only for 1 second and then press again to repeat such operation will record short sequences of 1s while the subject is suspended in the air. And when you finish a sequence like these, you get a very funny sequence of videos.


Continue to blink again for 1 second while the character is in the air, just practice about a few times to become familiar to get it.

2. Returning with the phone and finished editing with the edit software

The first simple thing is to pick up your phone and practice being Kangaroo uncle as shown below

Next you go to your computer and use any editing software. Because it can be simply adobe Premiere or Camtasia, or any free editing tool that can cut.

Next we take data from the phone to the computer and put it directly into the software for manual cutting

The manual cutting job here is that we will remove all the video seconds in the ground state and only out the seconds the picture is in the state of jumping to the air to keep. => finally put them together, we will get a sequence of stop motion images as desired very funny

It is not complicated, right?

3. After recording with the phone, use the edit app on the phone

First, we still need to shoot a video like that to move on to post-editing

Next, bring data to video editing software on your phone such as:

  1. Using Tiktok itself (15-60s limit) is convenient for music and effects


a few other softwares like

ActionDirector Video Editor

Adobe Premiere Clip for phone


Free Video Editor

I will guide you through Tiktok

Step 1: We can record each video and then upload it to Tiktok to edit or record one image immediately – then in the tiktok interface, go to the upload video as shown

Step 2: Select the clip, or clip you just recorded

Step 3 !

Select the shot you just took (photo as a sample)

Here, we will cut out the seconds on the ground and filter out the chunk in the air => create results and add the appropriate music or effects we like.

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Source : Viblo