Instructions on how to maximize laptop power on Windows 10

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Besides the positive and positive spirit, you should take note of quick tips to make full use of “super good” applications from Windows 10 and the “good tips” technology to get ready to fight with the work in the season. translate this

Turning on God Mode on Windows 10 for work and entertainment is “high tech”

God Mode allows users to install and access everything on the operating system: remove or resize the display of default applications in the Start Menu; right-click on the Taskbar to quickly enable toolbar settings; drag to pin Windows … and much more. To enable this feature, you only need to follow two steps: Create a new folder by right-clicking on the Desktop / selecting New Folder and naming the folder as: GodMode. {ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C -99712043E01C}

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And this is the result:

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Disable indexing (Search indexing)

Search Indexing is a feature that makes searching and retrieving files faster. However, if you can find and access necessary files on your hard drive quickly, you should turn off this feature to save resources and slow down the computer.

To turn off Search Indexing, right-click on the drive and select Properties. In the General tab, continue to uncheck “Allow files on this drive to have contents indexed in addition to file properties”. Finally, in the resulting box, select “Apply changes to drive C: , subfolders and files” to complete this simple operation.

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Note to fix disk fullness (100% Disk Usage)

If you use Windows 10 with older computers, you probably have an error of 100% Full Disk (full disk). Full Disk causes the laptop to go into a state of lag, Ram capacity and processor performance is slow, affecting mood and working process.

The first fix, is to remove unnecessary or unused files from the drive. We can immediately take advantage of Windows 10’s Troubleshooting to automatically help the system handle it. Go to Control Panel, type Troubleshooting keyword and select System and Security. Then, click on System Maintenace to perform a drive scan. Next, select Next / Try Troubleshooting as an administrator and wait for the system to finish processing then click close.

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If the above doesn’t work for you, upgrade the hard drive from the HDD to the SSD drive, ensuring this 100% full disk error will go away. SSDs are 100 times faster than HDDs and offer more storage space. The third way, though somewhat more expensive, is definitely more effective: Upgrade to modern computer models (Modern Devices).

Modern Devices is Microsoft’s definition of modern devices equipped with the latest SSDs, cards, and processors such as IntelvPro, bringing a more comfortable experience to you during work thanks to fast boot speed more, less security risks, longer battery life. Typically, such as HP Elitebook, Dell XPS, Dell Vostro series … These modern devices combined with Windows 10 will always be “combo” comprehensive solutions for users.

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