Instead of earning VND1 from Youtube, Vietnamese app yields VND8

Ngoc Huynh

VietNamNet Bridge – With the same number of video followers, the revenue that content owners and suppliers can earn when posting video on YourTV will be eight times higher than on Youtube.

With the fee of VND2,000 for one channel per day, a one user or content producer can earn VND460 dong.

This is the conclusion made after one year of research and one month of operating YourTV.

According to Han Huu Hai, the CEO of the app, YourTV is positioned as a social network for sharing videos, specifically designed for Vietnamese.

Unlike Facebook and Youtube which collect money from ads, the app will share revenue directly from users to content producers. This means that while Youtube and Facebook try to attract as many viewers as possible and make money through selling ads, YourTV doesn’t expect money from ads, but it focuses on revenue from content.

Also, according to Hai, the app won’t compete with Youtube and Facebook in a business model, but a product model.

The app is an entertainment channel, the channel of celebrities, stars and showbiz idols. After attracting a certain number of clients, it will personalize the content.

By that time, users will be able to produce content and won’t have to pay for the app.

“Young people who have capability, vloggers (video bloggers), education and healthcare experts and businesses all can make video clips and earn money on YourTV,” Hai said.

The benefits that content producers can expect will be revenue source as well as a tool to preserve their products. Meanwhile, YourTV will serve as the channel for them to approach people, since people can access the channels in an easy way.

A question has been raised about amateurs obtaining high-quality products to satisfy YourTV’s requirements.

The CEO said that content producers can cooperate to build up content. To date, YourTV has had 300 partners, mostly prestigious artists, idols and professional producers. Therefore, it will not be a difficult to launch high-quality products.

The biggest challenge YourTV will have to face is how to attract users. Vietnamese have the habit of watching videos free of charge on Youtube and Facebook.

What Hai thinks will attract viewers is ‘clean content’, which means copyrighted products with no ads.

YourTV has attracted more than 31,000 subscribers. It is expected that the figure would rise to 60,000-100,000 after 12 months of operation. Hai hopes YourTV will have at least 5 million users in two years.

Comparing Youtube and Facebook with whales in the ocean, Hai believes YourTV is the ‘Kim Quy (Turtoise) Genie slowly emerging from the lake’.

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