Install the AWS eksctl Tools, Deploy Kubernetes Dashboard

Tram Ho

In the previous section, I have setup the environment as well as the necessary things, to this article I will install AWS development eksctl.

Setup eksctl

Check version:

If it displays [ℹ] version.Info{BuiltAt:"", GitCommit:"", GitTag:"0.12.0" , the installation was successful.

Enable eksctl in bash-completion

Create EKS Cluster

Remember to set the eks-admin permissions for the instance, otherwise it is an error

This statement has the meaning of creating a cluster with name eks-eksctl including 3 worker node servers configured in t2.micro format (1 CPU, 1G RAM, less money, you should use lepers, if –node-type is not there then The default is t5.large) If you wait for about 15 minutes, AWS will configure it all for you, very convenient.

Deploy Dashboard kubernetes

grant access with proxy

Access dashboard kubernetes

In cloud9, go to Tools / Preview / Preview Running Application

At the end of the URL, type in more

Open a new terminal

To get tokens, they will paste them as shown to enter

We have now entered the kubernetes dashboard


We will deploy simple air-viewer on AWS.

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Source : Viblo