Install Macos virtual machine experience vs create hackintosh Installer # 2

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Install Macos virtual machine so you can create a hackintosh installer and experience through macOS and installation process When installing hackintosh, it will be similar to installing virtual machine, but in experience, hackintosh will be better than virtual machine. If you have a real mac or other hackintosh device, skip this post.

In this article, I will guide you how to Install macOs Mojave 10.14 Experience On Windows virtual machine with VMware version

Step 1: Download the necessary tools

B1.1 File Virtual Machine Imag e You download here: macOS Mojave 10.14.4 APFS then extract.

B1.2 Installation file (download and extract): VMware Work Station Pro

B1.3 Download and extract the Patch Tool

Step 2: Install VMware Workstation

To install you run the file VMware-workstation-full-15.0.2-10952284.exe downloaded in step 1.2 and run to install as usual. cài máy ảo macos với vmware workstation #1

Just click Next until done. This step should always remove the check mark for product updates on startup

cài máy ảo macos với vmware workstation #2

Once installed, run Go to Start > Run Vmware WorkStation Pro . At the first run will require entering the key, you open the Key.txt file in the download file in Step 1.2 and Copy any key of which is fine.

After clicking Finish , exit Vmware Workstation completely to progress to Patch

Step 3.: Install the Patch Tool

With Vmware Workstation, you need to Patch to be able to install Mojave, You open the downloaded Patch Tool folder in step 1.3 Right-click on ” win-install.cmd” . and choose ” Run as Administrator”

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</div> </div>

</div> cài máy ảo macos với vmware workstation #3

Wait for a while for the command to run, after running it will exit itself.

Step 4.: Create a virtual machine on VMware

You run Vmware Workstation Pro (Start Menu type and find), then select ” create a new virtual machine “.

This place select Typical and click Next

cài máy ảo macos với vmware workstation #4

Select I will install the Operating system later (as shown)

Select Apple Mac OS X and in the Version box select macOS 10.14 (as shown)

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