Install Laravel for Windows operating system

Tram Ho

Step 1: Install XAMPP software package including webserver Apache, PHP, MySQL

Download the XAMPP software package at

Install XAMPP on the computer’s name, when it is installed it will have an icon in the system tray, double click it will appear XAMPP Control Panel, click Start to run Apache MySQL as shown below:

Ok, open a browser and check http: // localhost . If you run the interface as shown below, everything is fine.

If you change the port port you must go to the path where the port has changed. For example mh change the port to 8080 as shown.

Step 2: Install Composer

To understand more about Composer you should refer to the article What is Composer and the Basic Composer User Guide. Download Composer installer at Download and run Composer-Setup.exe to install on the computer.

After the installation is complete, check that the installation is ok: open the Windows command line screen or type Git Bash type composer if it appears as shown below that the installation is complete.

Step 3: Install Laravel and create a laravel test project

In the command line or Git Bash in step 2, switch to the xampp / htdocs directory which is the default directory containing the source code of the Apache websites that execute the command to install Laravel and create a laravel-test project.

The results are shown below

After the installation is complete, opening a browser running http: // localhost / Test / public will be the home screen of the laravel-test project

I changed the port port so I will access http: // localhost: 8080 / test / public /

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