Install Kubernetes with Microk8s 1.25 on Ubuntu 20.04

Tram Ho

What is MicroK8s?

MicroK8S is a package that helps install and operate Kubernetes quickly and efficiently.

Benefits of using Microk8s

  1. Easy to install, as long as your device supports snap
  2. Support for more than 42 Linux, Windows, Mac OS
  3. Quick support for quick installation of core Kubernetes addons like dns and dashboard
  4. Take control of your cluster with the kubectl CLI tool
  5. Fast deployment of containers in the cluster

In this article, I will guide you to install a 3-node cluster under the HA (High Availability) model with high availability.

You need to prepare 3 servers configured as follows:

IPHostnamevCPURAMDISK cores12G100G cores12G100G cores12G100G


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Source : Viblo