Instagram removed the feature that allows “snooping” on others

Tram Ho

BuzzFeed says the “Following” tab, showing your friends’ comments, likes, and followings on Instagram will disappear. The heart icon now displays only the user’s unique activities.

Instagram xóa tính năng cho phép “rình mò” người khác - Ảnh 1.

Artwork: Engadget

Instagram has been introducing this feature since 2011. Initially, it was an effective way to find new accounts. In 2012, Instagram launched the “Popular” category and later changed it to “Discover”. This is the main tool to help users find new content based on their interests and behavior.

Instagram product vice president Vishal Shah said the “Following” feature was not widely used. Many users do not even know that their activities are displayed on this site. A Facebook spokesman also confirmed to Gizmodo that from October 8, Instagram will remove the tag “Following”.

According to Shah, the main reason for this decision is that Instagram wants to bring simplicity to the application. Certainly, many people feel regret, but the rest will breathe a sigh of relief because their every move on Instagram is not being followed.

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Source : ictnews