Infineon and pmd introduce superior telephoto 3D cameras

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Infineon Technologies AG and pmdtechnologies have developed Time of Flight (ToF) 3D depth sensing that outperforms other solutions on the market and is geared towards targeted applications that support a wide range of creative uses. more for consumers. The market for 3D sensors on rear-camera smartphones is expected to grow by more than 500 million units per year through 2024.

“Infineon’s latest 3D image sensors and pmdtechnologies support the development of a new generation of applications. This sensor supports live AR experiences,” said Philipp von Schierstaedt, Senior Vice President of Infineon Technologies AG. more dynamic and smarter, and better photos with faster autofocus in low light, or better night mode portraits based on image segmentation. is really setting the standards for improved cameras, drivers and processors, and unprecedented long-range shooting up to ten meters at low power. ”

Infineon và pmd giới thiệu máy ảnh 3D cự ly chụp xa vượt trội - Ảnh 2.

New REAL3 ToF chip for better photo results with faster autofocus in low light or perfect night portrait mode based on image partition

This new chip can be integrated into micro camera modules, accurately measure depth at short and long distances with AR technology, and meet low power requirements with an economical camera. 40% more electricity.

Extensive shooting features and a long-range AR feature

Due to its flexible configuration, the new REAL3 ™ ToF sensor is able to support different camera performance at different distances, lighting conditions and use cases, while also conserving battery life on your mobile device. moving. For various applications, the new sensor supports techniques such as real-time augmented reality, long-range scanning, small object reproduction, low-power fast autofocus, and segmentation. image. Easily enable effects such as background defocusing in videos and photos from moving scenes, without the need for image post-processing in all ambient lighting conditions.

Furthermore, the seamless augmented reality experience enables high-quality 3D depth data acquisition up to a distance of ten meters without sacrificing resolution at shorter distances. Always-on apps like mobile AR gaming can benefit greatly from the next-generation small sensor that is extremely energy efficient and gives users longer playtime than ever before. For applications such as 3D scanning for room and object reconstruction or 3D mapping for interior layout and other design applications, the sensor allows to double the measuring range compared to existing products. on the market.

Infineon và pmd giới thiệu máy ảnh 3D cự ly chụp xa vượt trội - Ảnh 3.

The new REAL3 ToF chip can be integrated into micro camera modules, accurately measuring depth at close and far away for a wide variety of AR applications.

This chip product is expected to be officially distributed from the second quarter of 2021.

Introduction to pmdtechnologies ag

pmdtechnologies ag, a well-known microchip manufacturer headquartered in Siegen, Dresden and Ulm / Germany with subsidiaries in the United States, China and South Korea, is a technology provider of technology-based digital photography. World-leading 3D Time-of-Flight CMOS technology. Founded in 2002, the company owns more than 400 patents worldwide for applications based on pmd and pmd’s methods of measuring objects and realizing them. The identified markets for pmd’s 3D sensors are industrial automation, automotive, and a broad consumer application field such as smartphones.

Introducing Infineon

Infineon Technologies AG is a world leader in semiconductor solutions that make life easier, safer and more environmentally friendly. Infineon’s microelectronics is the key to a better future. In fiscal 2019 (which ended September 30), the Company reported revenue of 8.0 billion euros with approximately 41,400 employees worldwide. After acquiring US-based Cypress Semiconductor Corporation in April 2020, Infineon made it into the list of the 10 largest semiconductor technology companies globally.

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