Indian Prime Minister ‘quit playing’ China’s social network Weibo

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Chinese social network Weibo recently announced it had deleted the accounts of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the request of the Indian Embassy in China, according to Reuters.

Modi opened the largest social networking account in China during his visit to the country in 2015. Since then, he has continued to use the account to post and interact with network users. China. Statistics show that, before being closed, Modi’s account has more than 200,000 followers, with a total of 100 posts have been posted. His posts are usually in Chinese, or combined English.

Thủ tướng Ấn Độ nghỉ chơi mạng xã hội Weibo của Trung Quốc - Ảnh 1.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his account on Weibo

Modi’s account deletion announcement was issued by Weibo amid India’s decision to ban 59 Chinese mobile apps, including Weibo and Tiktok. Of these, the Tiktok app is popular with Indians, with nearly 200 million users.

Talking to Reuterus, a source from the Indian government said that removing Modi’s account took a lot of time. Specifically, with VIP accounts on Weibo, the account deletion process is much more complicated. In Modi’s case, the Prime Minister of India decided to delete the Weibo account earlier this week but there was “significant delay in getting permission to delete the account”.

According to Reuters, Modi is one of the few foreign heads of state who has an account on the social network Weibo. In addition to Modi, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and President Nicolás Maduro of Venezuela also have accounts on the social network.

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