India wants to develop a “homegrown” operating system to confront iOS and Android

Tram Ho

The Indian government is planning to encourage developers to create a “native” mobile operating system to compete with iOS and Android.

The proposal, announced Monday by Electronics and IT Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar, will encourage tech talent to create a homegrown mobile operating system of India. The new operating system aims to “create an alternative to iOS and Android” in India.

Chandrasekhar said that iOS and Android drive the development of the hardware ecosystem, which is what the government hopes the new platform will do, bringing breakthroughs for Indian brands.

Ấn Độ có kế hoạch phát triển hệ điều hành "cây nhà lá vườn" để đối đầu với iOS và Android - Ảnh 1.

The Indian government is in the process of searching for startups and science and technology organizations capable of developing a new operating system. Officials are focusing on establishing a clear purpose for the project, which will then follow the law towards specific development goals. Chandrasekhar suggests that Indian startups and companies engaged in operating system research could become more attractive to domestic and foreign investors when it comes to raising capital.

The project aligns with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s goal of creating domestic leaders across multiple industries and product categories, as well as boosting the country’s tech industry. The Indian government has announced a roadmap to achieve $300 billion in electronics manufacturing value in the country by 2026, up from $75 billion currently. Similarly, India hopes to achieve $120 billion in electronics exports, up from $15 billion currently.

Reference: MacRumors

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